Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Saturday June 25, 2011

Yesterday we had a LAZY day.  We hung out and watched Disney movies with the girls all day, even daddy.  Daddy usually has to be doing something and cant just sit around and not do anything cause he goes crazy....but yesterday we sat around as a family and did NOTHING.  It was nice.  On friday night we had some friends over and the boys kinda drank to much so Saturday they weren't really feeling to good.

Now you know I cant post without filling you in on Kaylee & her potty training adventure!
Kaylee did AWESOME yesterday, she woke up that morning with a dry diaper and when she got up she used the potty.  She pee peed like a big girl.  She took a nap with her diaper on and again woke up dry.  She continued the rest of the day going pee pee on the potty.  And guess what....NO ACCIDENTS!!

I'm going to keep weekly updates on her potty training now.  I am so proud of her, she has caught on so quick and it's amazing me how well she is doing.  She started potty training all by herself.


Sunday June 26, 2011

Today we are also having a LAZY day.  Daddy left this morning at 6:30am he had an airshow this afternoon, he should be home around 3.  So the girls & I are just haning out watching cartoons and coloring.  Mommy has a great bad neck/back ache.  A lady is coming out around 11 today to buy some of Keira's baby clothes from me.  This is her second time coming out to buy clothes from me.  So when I have clothes to sell I call her and she buys them, its nice.

But other than that we'll be hanging out in our PJs and playing.
It is only 9:30am so our plans may change depending on how the day goes
Having lazy weekends are the best!


My camera died so these are my weekend recap in IPhone pictures.  Daddy got home from his airshow around 12:30 but left around 2:15 to go jetskiing.  We have been hanging out inside where the A/C is blowing cause its HOT outside!  We might go outside in a little bit to blow some bubbles!



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  1. Go Kaylee! I'm so glad potty training is going so well!