Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An afternoon spent in the pool

Yesterday was a HOT one
Daddy got off work early and was home to our surprise at 3pm
Which meant swim time till dinner...YAY

Since we've had the solar on it's warmed the pool up enough so that Keira can go in to.
So yesterday was Keira's first experience in the pool & she LOVED it!
She was kicking her legs and splashing around
And even screaming with excitment!

Here's a video of Keira splashing around with Daddy
(sorry the quality isn't that great, I had to upload it to photobucket cause youtube was being wierd)

Kaylee did much better about swimming yesterday. We put her lifejacket on and she was ready to swim.  The only bad part about her life jacket is that flap on the back, it makes her want to flip on her back and she gets mad.  So we're trying to teach her that she needs to move at all times and it wont do that


When it was time to get out Kaylee was not thrilled at all.  She yelled and told me NO and then she pouted!  She got over pouting when I brought out the chalk!  Such the drama queen!!


The ground was hot and when Kaylee got out of the pool she sat down on the ground and then started crying and saying "mama ground cold, its cold"  I said no its HOT.  LOL


  1. I bought a puddle jumper for Emma. So far this has been great for her! I didn't buy this particular one - I found a cute orange one at Wal-Mart for about the same price, though. Emma can hold her head up on her own so that flap isn't battling her all the time like on her old life jacket.

  2. I made "Puddle Jumper" a link, but it's kinda the same color so you can't really tell - but click on it & check them out!

  3. Aww your girls are so adorable! I love the little one's suit! Looks like a fun day!

  4. Oh my goodness - Keira could not be any cuter in her bathing suit and matching hat - too cute!!! I love Kaylee's pouting - sounds like you've got 2 little water bugs on your hands!!

  5. I love, love, love Keira's little swimsuit and hat! Too cute! Have you ever considered getting one of those swimsuits with the floaties built in? Maybe Kaylee would like to swim in that better. But, sidewalk chalk does fix everything :)