Friday, June 3, 2011

Enjoying the small things

I took time this week to enjoy all the small things in life.  I love my girls and my hubby.  I enjoy being able to stay home with my girls and watch them grow & change everyday.  I am so blessed to be able to stay home with them, I wouldn't change that for anything!

* * * * * *

Mommy's Little Helper
Kaylee is my little helper when it comes to her sister.  She wants to help me do everything, which I enjoy.  Yesterday while I was feeding Keira some lunch Kaylee said she wanted to help me feed sissy.  So I put some food on the spoon and let her feed Keira, she actually did a good job and didn't make a mess with it.

The Many FACES of Kaylee
Recently Kaylee has been really recognizing people's facial expressions and when they mean.  Like when people or things are sad or happy or mad she recognizes it and says how they are feeling.  So I throw out a word and she makes a face with that expression.  Its really cute!

Silly Girls
Kaylee thinks it's funny to put her empty toy bins on her and Keiras head and then to have me take a picture of them together.  She is to funny.  Watching the interaction between them is just PRICELESS.  I cant wait to see how their interaction will grow and change as they get bigger.

Swing Set Fun
For Kaylee's birthday we ordered her a bucker seat for her swing set, well it arrived in the mail the other day and since daddy had the day off yesterday he hung it up for the girls.  Since the weather was semi nice out we headed outside to let the girls play.  Keira LOVED the swing, the weather is back to being CRAPPY today so it doesn't look like we'll be playing outside today.  Next week it's suppose to warm back up.

Yes she has a mohawk...daddy gave her one after her bath!

Enjoying the warm weather
The other day we finally got warm enough weather to go outside for a little bit and soak up the suns rays.  Although the warm weather didn't last long before it got windy and cold.  But we were able to enjoy our time outside.  Kaylee ran around chasing the dogs and Keira watched.  She enjoyed the breeze blowing in her face.

Playing in the grass
Yesterday was Keira's first experience sitting in the grass.  It didn't seem to bother her one bit.  She enjoy being outside.  Daddy was working on his truck out front, so the girls & I headed outside to play and hang out with him.


Take some time to enjoy the small things!

* * * * * *
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from May 2011


  1. Sisters have so much fun! I always wanted one :-)
    Your girls are adorable! I love that first picture of her trying to feed her sis. Too cute!

  2. Fantastic pictures - memories!!! They are going to grow up great friends!

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures! You do such a good job capturing special moments! Your girls are going to be the bestest of buddies. Such beautiful kiddos.

  4. I cannot get enough of your little girls! THEY ARE PRECIOUS! love the striped tights, love the laundry baskets on their heads, love their smiles!!

  5. You have THE CUTEST girls I have ever seen!!! How adorable!