Thursday, June 16, 2011

A FIRST word & Potty Training

June 16th, 2011
My sweet 6 month old girl said her FIRST word
Can you guess what it was...!?!

Aren't they the cutest girls you've ever seen!?!

It was
YAY my girl said mama.  Kaylee's first word was DADA so it's nice to have MAMA be Keira's first word
Hearing that just melts my heart and makes my day
It makes me forget about the bad day I may have been having, the stiff neck I had and makes me greatful that I am able to stay home with my girls, so I don't miss out on memories like that FIRST word.
Plus she is so so so close to getting into the crawling position
She's growing up to fast for me!

I will say that she is starting to sleep so much better.  Last night she ate her dinner at 6:30 and then had her bottle at 8:30 went to bed at 9 and started to move around and make noise around 2am, I gave her her binky and she went right back to sleep and then woke up at 7am this morning.

* * * * *

Potty Training

My daughter just tured 25 months old and I tried potty training her before she was 2 cause I thought maybe she was ready.  But she wasn't!  She would have LOTS of accidents and wouldn't tell me that she had to go.  After attempting this for a week with her and having the same outcome everyday I figured I would hold off and wait until she was 2 and showed more signs of being ready.

Today she has been telling me all day that she's had to go potty both # 1 & # 2.  She has had 1 accident today and it's 2:30.  I think that's pretty good cause I wasn't trying to start potty training her yet.  I will mark today as a SUCCESS!  My girls are getting so big so fast.  She has been wearing her big girl panties and things couldn't have gone better today.

I am going to get crafty and make her a potty jar and leave it in the bathroom.  I'm going to get a jar and decorate it cute and put M&Ms in it.  She doesn't get candy but she's been given an M&M here and there which she LOVES so that's why it will help keep her motivated to continue going potty like a big girl.

Today has been a GOOD day!

* * * *

On a totally different topic, now as the mother of 2 kids I find it more difficult to do things with them.  I mean as far as going out with them by myself.  Going to the grocery store is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! 
Things that use to be so simple with one are now so much harder to do with 2!
* Going to the bank
* Going to the grocery store
* Going to the post office
* Going shopping

Am I the only one that feels this way!?
Do other moms with 2 or more kids find it hard to get out with the kids
I find that I need to wait for my hubby to come home to go with me or have someone else come with me.  They don't have the double cart or a cart to fit both my kids in at the store that I shop.
Usually I try to go grocery shopping on Mondays after Kaylee goes to Jason's parents for a couple hours but things change daily around here and sometimes I don't need to go to the store on Mondays somedays I need to go on a Thursday!  I don't know how moms of more than 2+ kids do it!  hehe

* * * *

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  1. Yay for first words!!! Glad Kaylee is doing well with potty more diapers soon :-)

    Thanks for entering my giveaway too!