Friday, June 24, 2011

Potty Training Day 2

Potty Training Day 2
 [June 24, 2011]

Today has been GREAT!!!  She woke up this morning with a little bit of pee pee in her diaper.  So we headed to the potty and she went.  She's always so proud of herself after she goes!

We put her DORA panties on and I told her "ok don't pee pee on Dora or she will be sad"
So everytime she's had to go pee today, she yells out "no pee DORA sad"
So we run to the potty and she goes.

I am so proud of her, its only Day 2 and she is doing so good
She's pee peed 7 times, 1 poop and had 1 accident

She is going to Jason's moms tonight for a couple hours so I hope she continues to go there and it doesn't mess her up by going over there.  So hopefully we get no set backs tomorrow.

YAY & high five to another good day.
We just bought a new box of diapers for her, so hopefully this will be the last box of diapers we have to buy for her.  It will be nice to only have to buy diapers for one baby.  I'm going to give her a couple weeks and then start to nap potty train her.  Which should be to hard cause for the last 2 weeks or so she's woken up from her nap dry.  It's the night time training that I'm not looking forward too!

Have a great weekend ladies

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  1. ahh..the fun days of potty training! we are in the midst of them too my friend! ;)
    the dora idea is brilliant…my little one is a bit obsessed with dora. maybe i should try that…
    hope that you have such a nice weekend.