Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mommy, look I can ride my big girl tricycle

I always know when winter comes that we'll be more than likely be stuck indoors, where I start to get cabin fever and my kids think of the house as there personal wrecking yard!  I feel like I clean up there toys and then as soon as I'm done cleaning they are taking said toys back out!  It drives me bonkers...

I'm sure that it hasn't helped that I'm 3 weeks post hernia surgery and am slowly gettting back into the swing of things.  No lifting anything over 10lbs for another month, be careful vacuuming, try not to do to much or my poor tummy starts hurting and then I'm sore the next day.  I know this has been a little hard on the girls.  You would think that with ALL the toys they got for Christmas that they would play nice and quietly together, haha wrong!  The past few days they have been pretty bad, I've had to yell a lot to be good, to stop fighting and I may have lost it a few times.  They feel bad for making mommy upset but then they go right back to being naughty. 

It also doesn't help that we've been stuck inside for 4+ days due to it raining.  So when we had a break in the rain you best believe I bundled the girls up and we headed outside to ride bikes & scooters.  We spent a good hour outside to wear them out and I think it worked cause after we came inside and they took a nice nap!  The fun part was that Kendall was finally big enough to start riding her tricycle, so of course it had to be documented.  At least for the next few days we'll have a break from rain so we'll be bundling up and spending time outside.


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