Monday, January 4, 2016

Snow Day

I'm so mad/upset, I had this whole Snow Day write up and for some reason blogger didn't save it and deleted everything that I had written!

The day after Christmas most people, including ourselves are recovering from the craziness of Christmas.  You can usually find us nestled on the couch having a family movie day and organizing the insane amount of toys and clothes.  But this year we changed it up and decided to head up to the mountains to have a Snow Day.  My father in law has a cabin in mountains and we go up often in summer and do hikes so with the new snow we decided to have some fun in the snow instead.  The girls have seen snow on our visit to CO last year but they've never gotten the full snow experience.  Putting on the multiple layers, the cold snow hitting there faces and sledding!

On the drive up I loved watching the excitement and pure joy on there faces as we saw all the snow, watched the snow falling off the trees and watched people sledding on the side of the road.  Once we made it, we were greeted by grandpa and the enclosed sled for the girls.  The girls put there layers on and we all piled into the sled to head up the hill to grandpa's cabin. 

The first thing the girls did when they got out of the sled was jump right into the fresh powder.  Snow covered faces, lots of giggles and eating more snow than they should have made for the perfect start to our family snow day.  We drank lots of cocoa, multiple sledding rides, snow ball fight amongst the sisters, lots of pictures taken and we even built a snowman!  All in all I would say the girls had a great first snow experience!


  1. How fun! We are thinking about taking a snow trip soon, our kids have never seen snow!

  2. I love all the pictures! It looks like you all had a lot of fun!

  3. Ummmm ok seriously!!! Their matching jackets, that CABIN, those trees, the hats! I die!