Monday, March 6, 2017

Live Life in Full Bloom

The last 2 months the weather here in CA has been crazy with a years worth of rain in 2 months, lots of flooding, rock slides, sink holes, land marks being destroyed, I'm so happy that we've been getting a little teaser of spring lately. 
The warm weather meant that the cherry blossoms would start blooming beautifully, last weekend I was so excited to be able to take the girls and go shoot some pictures of them, since last year I missed the cherry blossoms. 

When Ahoy Amigo sent us some of her yet to be released dresses (they are LIVE now!) as soon as I opened the package I fell in love, these dresses are so soft and comfy on the girls.  The girls loved them so much that they didn't want to take them off.  They wore them for 2 days straight, they are just that good.  I love that these dresses can be worn as every day dresses or can be dressed up for any event.  The colors are perfect, the quality is amazing and the fit is true to size. 

Stacie sent us all 4 of her new colors and sent them in a size 6, I asked her if I could put Kendall in one and take pictures of all 3 of the girls, I'm glad she said yes.  Kendall wears a size 4 and this dress was slightly big on her but still fit so adorable on her.  So if you want more of a longer style dress or want it to last a long time size up (Kendall is tiny for her age, she weighs 31lbs and is 40" tall).  For our shoot, we dressed these dresses up a bit with flower crowns and cute flats.  They would also be super cute with sandals, jean jackets and a cute big bow.

We changed up our look a little bit for this yellow dress, Keira added her Minnie Subsidy Shades, her star necklace & bracelet from Crazy 8 and her fun "trendy talk" high tops from Skechers - I think this is a fun look and totally Keira, she picked everything out herself.  I love that she has her own sense of style and that they can express them with these solid colored dresses.  Make sure you go visit Ahoy Amigo  now and go snag one or all four dresses!

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  1. Thank you so much for these sweet photos and words!!!! xoxo