Monday, June 11, 2012

Playing at the "park" in our backyard & our weekend

After nap time on Thursday 6-7-12 we decided to head outside since the weather had warmed up to play, at what Kaylee calls "our park".  Keira swang and Kaylee ran around playing with the lemons that had fallen off the tree.  We played outside for about an hour before coming inside so I could start dinner.
I was hoping that all the running around and playing in the backyard would wear the girls out.  But I was wrong....they both went down at 8:15pm to bed and went down good and by 11:30 Keira was back awake.  Lately she's been waking up and will whine for a few minutes and then fall back asleep, well not that night.  Before I go to bed I put a sip cup of water in her bed (which I know is all bad) but she had drank all that.  So I gave her her pacifier and then patted her butt and I thought she had fallen back asleep so as I quietly tip toed out of her room, stepped over the baby gate and turned the hall light off she started crying again.  I went back into her room and asked me for more water, so I gave her more and that usually puts her right back to sleep.  So I gave her the water and then walked out snuggled back into bed and was almost back asleep when she started crying again after it was silent for about 20 minutes.  So it's not 1am and I am beyond tired and just ready for her to sleep so that I can sleep.  I didn't want to let her cry it out becuse I didn't want her waking up Kaylee or my brother or daddy.  So I went into her room scooped her up and brought her into bed with me.  She moved around for awhile trying to get comfortable before she ending up falling asleep at 3:15am.  At around 4am I woke up I must have dosed off and I carried her back to her bed praying that she wouldn't wake up when I put her down.  Thank god she didn't wake up but Kaylee was up and at em at 7am.  So I pretty much got like maybe 4 hours of sleep.  And this pregnant mama needs more sleep than that or she becomes an angry bear!  So my hope was that Friday afternoon I would put the girls down for their nap at 12, I would eat lunch and then go take a nap myself.  Well that planned didn't work at all!  Keira woke up at 1pm so I gave her some tylenol cause she felt warm and I think she's waking up cause of her teeth.  After giving her her medicine it was quiet for a good 45 minutes and as I was about to fall sleep I hear their gate open and Kaylee comes out of her room and then the stupid Sears guy shows up to fix our dishwasher.  So it looks like NO NAP for this very exhausted prego mama!  At least I'll get a little break when Kaylee goes to grandma's at 5 to spend the night.  I really hope tonight (friday night 6-8-12) that she sleeps good so that I can sleep!

Enough of my ranting, enjoy the pictures from "our park" fun in our backyard

 She was yelling "spaz" (that's our dog)

 Keira wanted Spaz to swing with her!

 My little dare devil, she isn't afraid at all!  She climbed right up like it was no big deal!

Don't worry she wasn't scared after I snapped this picture she started laughing!

We had a great weekened.  On Friday night Kaylee went to Grandma's to spend the night like she does every Friday.  So after Kaylee left we headed over to our friends house to hang out with some friends and the boys played with RC cars in the back yard.  We finally made it home around 9:30 and Keira slept so well that night and even slept in till 8am.
Saturday morning we got up around 8:30 ate some breakfast and then took advantage of having only one kid with us and ran some errands.  Our dog lately has been stealing the girls stuffed animals thinking there hers so we decided to head to Petsmart and get her her own toy.  Our dog picked out her own toy and since Saturday has left the girls stuffed animals alone.  We then headed to the bank and then to Target.  Since our WalMart is being remolded into a Super WalMart we do everything to avoid going there cause its a disaster!  So we went to my favorite place, Target.  I love that place.  We got Kaylee some new shoes for school.  Her DC shoes she has now are her only good tennis shoes so we didn't want her to ruin those at school so we got her cheapy shoes that she can mess up at school from Target.  I took Keira on a wagon ride with our dog Spaz while we waited for Kaylee to get home.  Kaylee got home around 1pm from Grandma's.  They attended church (Kaylee's cousin's 1st communion) and then they headed over to Aunt Elizabeth's house where they had lunch and Kaylee played really well with all her cousins.  They then took a nap, while they napped I napped too.  Once they woke up we hung out and then went out and got dinner and then headed over to our friends house again where they played more with RC cars and the girls love watching them play.  We then left at 9 so that I could get the girls in bed.

On Sunday the girls slept in till 7:30am, Kaylee came into our room around 8 and we watched some cartoons while sissy played in her crib with her babies.  Daddy was able to feel the baby kick on the outside, those are my favorite.  We then finally rolled out of bed around 9am when Keira started calling for me!  I walked into their room and it smelled reallly bad!  Keira had a major blowout!  I felt bad.  I got her all undressed and tried so hard not to throw up from the disgusting smell.  Then put her in the bath to clean her off.  I then got her dressed and set her in her high chair for breakfast while I stripped down her bed and washed her sheet, blanket, pillow, and stuffed animals she had in there.  GROSS!  After breakfast we just hung out.  Daddy went to his friends house to help him put up a fence and the girls and I hung out.  I put them down for a nap and I relaxed ate some lunch and watched TV.  I then got ready and waited for the girls to get up.  They finally woke up around 4.  I get them into their swim suits and we headed to Jason's moms for swimming and a BBQ.  We had a good time over there and we talked about what our plans for when we go to the beach next week.  Oh I cant wait.  We headed home around 7:45 when we got home I got the girls ready for bed cause Kaylee needed to get a good nights sleep since she would be starting school on Monday!
I'll do an update tomorrow on her first day of school!
We have a pretty excited week ahead of us.
Monday - Kaylee starts school
Tuesday - Kaylee goes to school and then were going out to dinner with Jason's parents for his brothers birthday/father's day dinner.
Wednesday - Kaylee goes to school
Thursday - We find out the sex of our baby!!!
Happy Monday ya'll!


  1. Love the pictures of Keira swinging with the dog! haha

  2. Sorry you didn't get much sleep! That stinks!!

    Love all the pictures!

    So exciting about your appointment Thursday!!!

  3. The photos with Keira and the dog are sooo cute!!! Looks like you guys had a great couple of days!