Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kaylee is going to school

I know I wrote all of you back who commented on my big announcement from yesterday but there are a few of you who I cant reply back to all of you thank you so very much for all your sweet comments and CONGRATS I really appricate it.  We are over the moon excited and cant wait to find out what this little baby is on June 14th!  Thank you again all you ladies are great!

I got an email yesterday afternoon from Jason's mom saying that Montessori has a summer school program that she could get Kaylee into.  It's 3 days a week and you pick which 3 days you want and its 3 hours a day.  After talking Jason and I decided to have her go Mon, Tues & Wed from 9-12.

So today after our other appt we are going to go by the school and get her all signed up and have her check everything out. She'll be starting on Monday June 11th.  I am excited for her to have this experience, I think it will be really good for her.  All she's been talking about lately is going to school.  (awhile back when she was having her pooping problem and not going on the potty I told her in order for her to go to school she needed to go #2 on the big potty...well lets just say it only took her a week to start going and hasn't had a #2 accident in months).  Jason's mom was telling me that each summer they pick one thing to focus on for the whole summer.  This summer they are focusing on the HUMAN BODY.  So they will do fun little activities and crafts related to it.

I will be honest even though I'm excited for her to go to school and expand her mind and make some friends I might shed a tear or two on the drive home after I drop her off for those first 3 days and being pregnant I'm sure wont help with me being so emotional.  But I am excited to hear all about her day and all the fun she had when I pick her up.

I know Keira will be lost for those 3 hours without sissy.  Walking around the house wondering where sissy is, but this will give me a chance to work with Keira on teaching her stuff.  Right now she gets to distracted to easily and doesn't want to pay attention cause Kaylee is running around or Kaylee is doing all the answering for her.  So this will give me time with Keira for those 3 days to work with her.  Plus this will be our time.

Today I also filled out the application for the fall school year.  She will go on a waiting list.  Montessori is a private school, so it is a little expensive for the school year but it is one of the best schools.  So were gonna sit down with Jason's mom and figure out how we might be able to pay her to go.  It's like $3900 for the whole year.  So we'll see how she does in the summer program and that will kinda determine whether we do the fall school year or not.  I think she's going to love it!

Update after our observation:
We met up with the director of the school and turned in all of Kaylee's summer school paper work and got her all registered.  It's set she starts Monday! 
We went into the possible classroom that she'll be in to observe and Kaylee got to participate, she did really well in the classroom and she sang some songs and followed directions really well.  When it was time to go outside all the kids line up in a line with their hands behind their backs and walk outside.  She got out of line twice and the teacher put her back in line.  She did however get really overwhelmed when it was recess time.  Like 4 different classes were all outside at one time.  She did ok outside though and played with a few girls at the sand table.  She then lined back up with all the kids and we headed back into the classroom where we thanked the teacher for letting us visit and we left.  She cried cause she didn't want to leave!  Summer school goes June 4th- August 20th, so this will be good practice for her for the fall school year.  She didn't stick by my side like I thought she might she sat right down with all the other kids and ran out to play, Keira and I sat back and watched.  Keira was pissed that she couldn't get down to play.


  1. I have heard great things about the Montessori schooling! I bet she will love it!!!

    And, how nice that you will have time with just Keira, because you are right, the older one tends to always answer for the younger one!

    Your comment about the potty got me thinking, do your girls stay dry through the night? I am having the hardest time with that for my two. They are just such sounds sleepers that they don't wake up for anything!!

  2. Yay, how exciting! I bet she is going to love it, especially if she didn't want to leave. That is awesome!

  3. Yay! I bet she will have fun :-)

  4. It sounds like it will be the perfect experience for her.

  5. Congrats!!

    Alright, so three kids 3 and under is a definite adjustment!! When I had my boy last June, my girls were 18 months and just-turned-three! Life got a lot more difficult very quickly. I found it very easy to go from one kid to two kids, but the step to three was definitely harder!

    However, once we got into a routine that worked, everything was just fine. It just took a few months! I still don't do much shopping with all three... but when I do I have to get one of those ridiculously large carts! (That always seem to squeak more than the others!)

    You'll do great! And you have another few months to prepare yourself mentally! :)