Thursday, June 7, 2012

My feelings on having 3 kids under 3

I know I personally wrote each of you back thank you for all the sweet comments on my BIG ANNOUCEMENT post.  But for some of you who I couldn't write back I just want to say a big thank you to guys as well.  Although this was a surprise we are very excited about it.  So thank you all again for your kind words and CONGRATS it means a lot to me!

To be honest this pregnancy was a complete SURPRISE.
I was on the birth control patch, which obvisously didn't work again.  Yes I say again because I got pregnant with Keira while I was on the patch as well.  I'm not sure how this happened again while on birth control but it did and one thing I do know is that this is our last baby, which is why we are hoping for a BOY this time around...but we will be happy either way boy or girl.  After the baby is here the hubs is going to get snipped.
For all the moms out there with 3 young kids I'm going to need some advise. 
So any advise you have for me would be awesome like....
1. How you handle 2 older kids and a newborn would be much appriciated
2. How you manage to go to the grocery store with 3 kids

* I've been thinking a lot about if this baby is a boy.  I have two girls I know nothing about raising a little boy.  I mean is it that much different than raising girls?  I mean I know changing diapers on a boy are way different, you get a higher chance of getting peed on...which doesn't bother me.  But I guess we'll see in a couple days if I need to worry about getting advise from others who have little boys.

* I worry about the girls and how their going to react.  I think Kaylee will be good with the new baby.  She was 18.5 months old when I had Keira and she wasn't jealous at all.  She actually ignored her for a couple weeks before starting to pay attention to her.  The one I'm worried about is Keira.  She will be a month away from being 2 when this baby comes, she is VERY attached to me and I'm just really nervous that she'll be the jealous one.  I'm worried about splitting my time between all 3 of the kids. I know a newborn is going to take up a lot of my time but I just dont want my girls to think I've forgotten about them.  I need more advise from moms who went from 2 to 3.  How did your other 2 kids react to the new baby and how did you find the time to split between the older kids?

* I'm so glad that we have our Yukon XL cause its big, but it freaks me out to think about taking all 3 kids out at one time by myself.  I thought taking 2 kids out was hard (the grocery store being my worst nightmare).  I just hope I can still get out the house every once in awhile and maybe I need to do my grocery shopping on Monday's when both girls go to grandma's so I only have the baby to worry about.  I know it's going to take some adjusting and I know I can do it, but thinking about all of it still freaks me out!

* I'm not sure how I'm going to keep my sanity.  I'm not gunna lie there are times when my kids drive me completly bonkers and I want to lock myself in my room for a little bit cause they are not listening and totally acting out.  I know it's only gunna get a little crazier after this baby.   I will be home with all 3 kids from 7-5 everyday M-F and I will rely a lot on my hubby for help when he gets home until we get a good routine down.  He helps me out a lot with the girls now but I know I'll need more help once this little one comes.  Moms of 2 younger kids and a newborn how do you keep your sanity?  What do you do to relax and not get worked up when your older kids are acting out?

*  I thought we were done having babies and I was planning on going back to work once Keira got closer to starting school.  But I guess that's getting put on hold for awhile longer.  Being a stay at home mom is the best job I could ask for.  I'm not worried about finances becuase we are totally ok in that department.  I was gunna go back to work for myself, I didn't go to school for 2 years to just have my certificate,  I wanted to actually be able to use it.  But I will one day.

*  I feel bad because this baby wont have its own room, we wont be decorating a nursery for him/her.  We started renting our house May 1st, 2012 so the baby will be 6 months old when it's time to move out of this house.  We are hoping to be able to buy a house where each of the kids get their own room.  So when it's time for this baby to move from our room to his/her crib he/she will be sharing a room with Kaylee and Keira.  Once we buy our own house then each kid will get their own decorated room.  It makes me feel bad because if this baby is a boy it's gunna be stuck in a girly room.  Oh well I guess.

* My biggest fear I have and I had this same fear with both of my girls is going into early labor.  I'm afraid of having a preemie and having to leave it in the hospital.  But I'm trying everything I can to prevent it from happening.  I'm sure I'm not the only who's had this fear.  I just want a healthy baby.

Don't get me wrong at all we are excited for this little surprise of ours and we wouldn't change it for anything!  I'm not going to sugar coat it and say this will be easy raising 3 kids cause I know it's not but I know I can do it and have fun doing it.  Ok I'm done ranting for now.
I'm gonna take guesses what do you think Baby Jess is....
its just a fun little game, there will be NO prize if your right just satisfaction of being right! haha
we will start thinking of names once we find out the sex but I can tell you that if the baby is a GIRL we will stick with a K name and if it's a BOY we will go with J names.  On the Jess side all the boys names start with a J and that is one tradition that I'm not going to change.  My mom named all her kids with J names too.  My hubby is very picky in choosing a name and almost all the girl names I picked out for Keira he didn't like!  So we'll see how the name game goes this time around.  Also if you want to suggest some names for either a boy or girl we might add the ones we like to our lists!


  1. oh my gosh, I totally missed your bib announcement post! How exciting for yall! You will have your hands full for sure, but you are a great momma and will find a way to make it work! Congratulations! And I only have 1 right now, so I don't have any advice =)

  2. First off, note to self as I'm shopping around for birth control...don't do the patch! ;-)

    I know just from babysitting Finn now while having the girls that you will definitely have your hands full! That said, Raya is such a good helper when I have Finn and she's at a great age where I don't have to worry about her at all---she's always gentle and attentive etc....I'm sure Kaylee will be the same way! :-) Also I'd definitely get a wrap or sling to babywear the little one so that you can continue to do fun crafts and activities etc. with the older ones. I have found that when the older ones get bored or lack attention then they start to get naughty! The hardest thing I've found when watching Finn is trying to feed him because as you know babies eat constantly in the beginning....maybe come up with some activity boxes for the girls to pull out when it's time to feed baby? I've seen lots of ideas of activity boxes, toddler work boxes, quiet time boxes etc. on Pinterest.

    And for names I always loved the name Kamdyn (Cam-din)...or Kallie...or Karson could be cute for a girl. And for boys maybe Jensen, Jack, Jordan, or Jace :-)

  3. We are in similar boats here! I so wonder how it is going to go with 3 kiddos. We were in a pretty good routine here, and I have two hands to hang onto these two. Three will be a challenge, but like Shawna said, the girls will help. MIne are a bit older than yours. Mine will be 6 & 4 when this one arrives.

  4. If this little one is a boy, I don't know if you are planning to have him circumcised as I know that is a completely personal choice. But if you do, that is the one thing I found with having a little boy was the hardest. Just making sure to keep it clean and "pulled back" so it can heal properly. We didn't do well enough and the pedi had to um, "fix" Caleb when he was almost a year old because the skin grew back :/ Whoops. That is ONE thing I can think of that would be different than with a girl.

  5. I have three kids and it is fun! I was a bit unsure of how we/I would do but really it was not that bad. My older two were a bit older...4 and 7 so that helped.
    We have grocery stores that have kids play areas and that was a big help. I also did errands when my older on was in school because then again I only had two kids with me.

  6. I think all of your fears are totally normal! I obviously have no advice about having three little ones but I just have a feeling you will be great! And when I'm needing advice about life with two I'll be asking you!

    And PS I'm always SO impressed with your prompt responses to comments. I fail miserably at that one! I always feel bad! haha!

  7. I just found your blog and wanted to say:

    1) congrats!!
    2) boys are SO much fun. I only have a boy, so I am clueless in the girl department, but boys are a blast! They are generally pretty funny and easy, not as high maintenance from what I have observed.

    3 under 3 sounds crazy but fun. Our next door neighbors have 3 girls within 3 years - they are older now but oh so cute together.