Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things I'm LOVING on this Wednesday

1. I am LOVING that tomorrow we find out if this little one is a BOY or GIRL.  My appointment is at 10am.  If you follow me on instagram that you will probably find out tomorrow afternoon what the gender is.  If you don't have instagram than you have to wait for my 20 week bumpdate on Friday.  I cant wait to start making my lists on things we need and want.  If this is a boy then I can continue to sell all the girls clothes so that I can start getting boy stuff.  Also if it is a boy I plan to make some super cute blankets and burp cloths.

2. I am LOVING that we are beach bound on Monday.  We will be leaving Monday afternoon making the hour long drive to the beach where we will be staying all week.  Soaking up the beautiful weather, making sand castles, flying kites, visiting the Monterey Bay Aquarium and just having the best time.  Oh I cant wait!!  We will be staying in one of those bright colored houses, with views of the beach.

3. I am LOVING that my sweet girl is loving school.  Today is her 3rd day and the teachers have said she is doing really well.  Everyday when I go to pick her up, she's having such a great time at school that she doesn't want to leave.  I am so glad that she is loving school.  Today her last day for the rest of the week caus she only goes 3 days a week and she'll miss school next week while we're on vacation.  Also Happy 37 months Kaylee.  It feels like we just celebrated your birthday and it's already been a month!

4.  I am LOVING some of my PINTEREST finds lately.  Most of my pins lately have been all about baby.  I have found some really cute picture ideas I want to try with the girls and the new baby and also with just the baby.  Also a few other pins I'm loving.

5.  I am LOVING that we got our air conditoner and dishwasher fixed.  It was not fun having it super hot outside and having it almost just as hot inside.  Plus I HATE washing dishes by hand and I had to do that for a few days before someone came out, but I'm glad they are both fixed cause that means at nap time I can sit on my butt and relax or take a nap while Kaylee's at school and Keira naps. 

6.  I am LOVING that Keira has taken off in the talking department.  She is putting a lot more sentences together.  There still are times where she talked jibberish and I cant understand a word she says.  But she is talking a lot and I'm glad.  I was a little worried with Kaylee always answering for her.

7.  I am LOVING Baby Lips from Maybelline.  I've heard a few people in the blog world talking about how great this chapstick is.  So yesterday while running out to get a birthday card for Jason's brother I picked some of it up.  I got the peach kiss and let me just saw how awesome this stuff is.  My lips were chapped so bad yesterday and today they are 100% better.  Plus they make my lips soft.  I would totally recommend it.


  1. y'all will have so much fun on your vacation, I can't wait to see pics! Also, I can't wait to find out what you're having and see the cute things you make! The dress you asked about from my blog is from Target!

  2. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!! :)

  3. Great post!! Good luck tomorrow! :) What a happy and exciting day!!

  4. How fun! Congrats on baby #3 by the way!! That is awesome!

    Where are those houses? Hubby and I would love to go to Monterey and take E to the aquarium.

  5. UGH. UGH. UGH. You know I don't have Instagram right now so that means I have to wait an extra DAY to find out what baby is??!!?! NOT FAIR! Unless you love me so much that you email me?! yes. I think that's acceptable :) hehe

    Cant Wait!!!

    Oh, and I'm totally going to get some of that chapstick now.

  6. I can't wait for tomorrow too! I will be obsessively checking instagram in anticipation.

  7. Oh my gosh! I am so out of the loop and have been a horrible blog reader lately! I didn't even know you were pregnant! Can't wait to hear if boy or girl! Either is a win!

  8. That picture of Keira is gorgeous!! What is your Instagram name? Want to follow you so I can see!

  9. I bought baby lips and keep forgetting about it! I'm not sure about the color I grabbed, but I like how it works!

    Wow--tomorrow! So exciting!