Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kaylee's 1st day of Preschool

Kaylee's 1st day of Preschool (its summer school) was yesterday June 11th, 2012
She goes 12:30-3:30, so the morning of we did our normal routine.  The girls ate breakfast, they watched cartoons and played.  I then fed her lunch at 11:30 and then we got ready for school.  I put her in shorts that were easy for her to slide down and back up for potty breaks.  At school she has to go potty by herself (which she can do and she does at home and can wipe herself too).
Its was like 90 degrees when we got ready to leave so I put her in some shorts and a cute tank top and then her new school shoes.  I put her hair in cute little braids and a little clip and we were ready to go.  She was so excited and couldn't contain her excitment!  I decided before we left that I was going to take some 1st day of Preschool pictures (cause duh I document everything!)  We of course had to take some silly pictures to cause it wouldn't be a Kaylee photoshoot without them!


We had to arrive at school about 10-15 minutes early to turn in a big chunk of paperwork.  Miss Anna checked it all out and we were good to go.  Kaylee then got her sign in sheet put into the binder.  I have to sign her in and out each time she arrives and leaves.  We then went into her classroom to check it out and wait for Miss Anna.  Kaylee explored the room and I showed her where the potty was located.  The potties are so tiny (made for little kids).  While in there waiting and staying with her till 12:30, 2 brothers arrived.  One of the brothers didn't want his mom to leave and started crying and then his older brother started crying which made Kaylee a little nervous about me leaving and became a little clingy.  I told her it would be ok, that she would have a lot of fun and make new friends.  She then heard Miss Anna say something about coloring and was ready for the day.  I put Keira down cause I wanted to give Kaylee a hug and kiss bye.  I gave my kisses and Keira took Kaylee's hand and looked back at me and said "bye bye mama".  Keira wanted to stay with Kaylee.  It was so cute.  I did get a little tiery eyed when we were saying our good byes, it my be my pregnancy hormones that are all over the place or the fact that I get a little teary eyed every time my girl says "I love you mommy".
We then left and I loaded Keira up in the car and almost the whole 7 minute drive home Keira called for sissy.  I asked her if she missed sissy already and she said "yeah".  When we got home Keira went down for a nap and I relaxed and ate some lunch while waiting to go pick up my sweet girl!
At 3:10 I went into Keira's room to see if she was awake cause it was time to get her up and go pick up sissy.  I loaded her up and asked her if she was excited to go get Kaylee and she siad "yeah".  We got there 10 minutes early and the kids were outside playing, so we waited 5 minutes before going through the classroom to go get her.  Miss Anna said she did really good.  As I was heading outside to see her, I saw a little girl push Kaylee down really hard.  She scrapped up her knee but she was ok.  She didn't want to leave to come home.  I am so glad she had a great first day.  They colored and made a noodle necklace (that she was so proud of), they sang songs and learned about the human body.  I am so glad that she loves school and I'm proud of myself for not crying when I dropped her off!


  1. Oh she is just darling. Love all of her little faces. I have a feeling EC will be just like that ;-) I hope she had a great first day!

  2. Congratulations on her first day!!!! Sounds like she did great;) Hope you enjoyed a little bit of downtime while one was sleeping and one was at school! Check our out website to win that some hair bows---we have an awesome giveaway!

  3. Your daughters are so sweet! Congrats on the new one! I got a little tear in my eye thinking of when my daughter, Lakelyn goes to school for the first time. She is only 7 months so I have some time ;) I really enjoy reading your blog, I just started a few months ago and have really enjoyed it.

  4. Way to go Kaylee girl!!! Sounds like a perfect start to school:)

  5. So cute! I love your blog :) Thanks for the sweet comment on mine! Your girls are adorable and your photos are great!

  6. How exciting...first day of preschool!
    Such sweet pictures!

  7. Awww, cute pics! Glad her first day was a success!!

  8. You should be a photographer (or are you? I haven't followed long enough to know. :)!!

    Love the chalkboard idea with her.

    Glad her first day went well, and how nice for you to have a little bit of quiet mama time while she was off to school and it was nap time for your other little one. :)

  9. What a big girl you've got already! She is too cute! And I think I would have balled my eyes out!