Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

On Suday 11.25.12 we brought in all our Christmas stuff to start decorating our house.
We wait until after Thanksgiving before we set up our Christmas stuff.
While the girls napped I decorated and put together our fake tree and placed all the branches the way I wanted.  I wanted to surprise the girls when they got up.  I had all the ornaments set by the tree waiting for them to come and decorate.
The girls woke up and were totally surprised and excited to decorate the tree.
Daddy helped the girls put the ornaments in different spots cause they both were putting ornaments in the same spot.  LOL  While daddy helped the girls I got all the ornaments out of the box and made sure they all had hooks on them.
Christmas is my most favorite time of year.
Christmas candles burning, sipping egg nog and listening to Christmas music makes me happy!
Being able to spend time with family and being able to watch the excitment on my girls faces when they open their gifts is priceless.

This year we also decided to do Elf on the Shelf.
Our Elf made his appearance on November 26th
I wanted to get a GIRL elf, I was at Target 2 days prior and there were 3 elf girls and when I went back today all the girl elf's were gone.  So I set everything up.  I wrote a little note on our chalkboard for the girls and placed their little gifts from our elf next to it (he got Kaylee & Keira socks and Kendall got a reindeer raddle).  After grandma dropped them off early, we read the story and it took us a long time to decide on a name for our elf. 

We let Kaylee pick the name
We had two names picked and she got to pick one of the two names
It was either RUDY or JINGLE
and Kaylee chose

I was hoping she would pick Jingle but oh well.

Day 1 - November 26th

Day 2 - November 27th


  1. Cute decorations! I love love love Christmas time too! Were doing the Elf as well and the girls named HIM... Belle. Hehe oh well!

  2. Elf on the shelf!!!! Such an evil looking guy but so fun and exciting at the same time haha I cant wait until Landon is old enough where we can start doing this fun stuff

  3. Your tree and decorations look amazing!

  4. Tis the season! I hope you can find your girl elf...I just bought the skirt to add to ours occasionally!

  5. You took some great Christmas tree decorating pictures!

  6. So cute.. love the tree! I bet they were very excited too!

  7. At the daycare I work out, they are doing this! It is adorable! (New Follower!)