Friday, December 7, 2012

She's a big girl now

A few months prior to Keira turning 2, we decided that on Friday nights when Kaylee went to stay at Grandma's house that Keira would get some practice in for when she got her big girl bed by sleeping in Kaylee's bed.  That first night I was nervous that she'd get out of bed a lot or wake up a lot during the night.  But she totally surprised me and didn't get out of bed at all and slept great!  She actually slept better than she's ever slept!
We thought by letting her sleep in Kaylee's bed once a week that when it came time to transition her into her big girl bed that it would be a breeze for her.  I think that by doing it it actually did help.
Last weekend we took the crib down (since Kendall wont be sleeping in it for a couple months) and set up Keira's big girl bed.  Its a twin bed.  In picking out beds for the girls we decided that we didn't want to do a toddler bed and then have to upgrade it again to a twin bed.  These twin beds will last the girls a long time.  Keira joined in on the fun and helped mommy & daddy build her bed.  She loves her new bed.
The first night was just like any Friday night, we went in to go to bed at 8:00pm, we read a book and then said our good nights.  I checked on them before going to bed and they were both fast asleep.  In the morning Kaylee said that she slept with Keira in her bed (I didnt see it).  It's been almost a week that she's been in her bed and she's done great.  There was only one night that she got out of bed 2 times to get in bed with Kaylee.  Other than that she's been doing great!


  1. Thats great. I'm so glad it was an easy transition. :-)

  2. yay so exciting...I will be doing this soon w. Breanna...but we are just taking the front off the crib for now until we switch her rooms then she will get a `full` size bed

  3. YEAH!!! Glad to hear that it went so smoothly---I was just out this morning to get Andrew's bed and hoping to join them together in the next week or two. I'm a bit nervous putting the two together---but I need the extra room for baby #3:)


  4. Aww, what a big girl! So glad it's going smoothly for you!

  5. So glad she's doing great...what a big girl!