Thursday, December 13, 2012

Iphone photo dump

Lately its been a lot easier to capture pictures of all my girls with my phone
I have so many pictures on my phone I wish I could post all of them but here are some of my favorites from this past week!
Taking silly pictures while we waited for daddy to come back from getting Kaylee & lunch

I cant get enough of those squishy cheeks!

My little shopping buddy. 

Kendall got an early Christmas present

On Wednesday 12.12.12 I did my first SOLO trip with all 3 girls to the Dr's and let me tell you it will NOT be happening again.  EPIC FAIL!  The two older girls were very naughty but the littlest sister was the best one of all, sleeping the whole time!

This picture makes me smile!

Keira is still obsessed with her little sister and is by her at all times!

Your probably wondering where pictures of Kaylee are, well she's 3.5 and didn't want any part in taking pictures with us.  I do have a whole post coming up with pictures of just her.
Have a great week


  1. Kendall looks great in yellow!

    I love how happy everyone seems on the way to the doctor, knowing that it didn't end well haha.
    When we go some place with my kids and my niece and nephew we always declare a "winner" at the end for who was the best. Sounds like Kendall won this time! :-)

  2. You sure have beautiful girls!!! Lucky lady.

  3. Such sweet photos! I love instagram.

  4. your girls are defiantly model material :) Look at those beautiful eyes!! && hair!!

  5. Adorable pictures! Your girls are beautiful!