Monday, December 10, 2012

Kendall's Schedule

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 all I thought was am I ever going to get a full nights sleep again?!  Probably not for awhile! I mean what newborn comes home and right from the start sleeps through the night? NONE and if your one of the lucky ones that has a newborn who does then, I hate you!  haha jk.  Keira was still waking up at night every once in awhile due to teething.


So I knew when Kendall arrived I wanted to get her on some sort of schedule early.
So while surfing pinterest I came across a pin talking about sleep training and a schedule that helped this mom of 3. So I'm going to follow it and see how it goes. Last night 12.2.12 was our first night and Kendall did great. I fed her her last feeding at 10pm and put her to bed in her bed semi awake (instead of our bed, she's been sleeping in our bed since coming home from the hospital).  She woke up at 12:10am, so I got her out of her pack n play, changed her diaper and then fed her.  Once she was done eating I put her back in her bed and she went right back to sleep.  She then woke up at 4:15am, so I repeated the same process as I did at 12am, change her diaper, feed and then back to her bed.  When I put her back this time she didn't fuss but she having a little harder time going right back to sleep, so I turned on some calming music and she went right back to sleep.  She then woke up at 7:30am where I reapeated the same steps, change her diaper, feed her and then we got up for the day.  She spent about an hour an a half awake before going down for a nap in her pack n play.
Before starting this schedule I just followed her signs.  When she wanted to eat and when she wanted to nap.  The first 4 weeks was filled with a lot of sleeping and eating.  As I read more of the blog is said to start this schedule after 4 weeks old, well Kendall was 5 weeks old.  So what better time to start. Since starting this schedule 4 days ago her sleeping has improved so much.  During the day she use to eat every 2 hours on the dot, since starting the schedule she now goes 3 hours.  At night was almost the same way she would wake up to eat every 2-3 hours.  Now with the schedule she's sleeping 5 hour stretches when she goes to bed at 10 and then 4 hours after her 3am feeding.  Having her on this new schedule has been great, being able to get 5 straight hours of sleep has been awesome.  I'm not feeling like such a zombie in the mornings and through out the day.  There are days when I still need to take a nap (don't judge, I'm chasing around 2 busy toddlers all day).
You can read more about it HERE if you want to give it a try
Here is her schedule that we've been doing (the times do change so I just adjust accordingly)

8:30am - wake - change her diaper - feed
10am - nap
11:30am - wake - change her diaper - feed
1:00pm - nap
2:30pm - wake - change her diaper - feed
4:00pm - nap
5:30pm - wake - change her diaper - feed
7:00pm - nap
8:00pm - wake - change her diaper - feed - play - bath
10:00pm - change diaper - feed - bed

* * * * *

I am also proud of myslef in my breastfeeding journey with her.
With Kaylee and Keira both girls were on formula by 4 weeks old, not because I didn't want to breastfeed anymore.  It was becuase mama ran out of milk for them, I just wasn't able to make enough for them. 

But with Kendall I wanted to set a goal to make it to the ONE MONTH mark with her.
At 2.5 weeks old I thought we were headed for the same situation as with her sisters. 
I didn't feel like I was making enough for her, she was eating constantly and was crying.
So we went out and bought formula and for a week she only got formula a few times.
I stuck with breastfeeding and it's paid off.  My milk is coming in in full force and as you can see from the pictures below mama's milk is doing a baby good!

I am so happy that I've been able to go 6 weeks and I'm hoping to keep going strong.
I'm going to take it month by month and try to go as long as I can.  I've already passed up what I was able to do with the older girls, so now its all about keeping up my milk supply.


  1. Good job Mama! Sounds like you have everything under control :) And I think Kendall looks a lot like Kaylee in these pictures!

  2. lol that literally sounds just like Matthew a few months ago!! All he did was sleep, eat, pee haha!!

  3. Good job on the schedule and nursing!

  4. I had a schedule with Gracie from day 1 and loved it! She was our first child, so I didn't really know any different, but she slept 10 hours through the night at about 6 weeks, it was amazing. And good for you for still nursing! I always set small goals for myself too, and ended up nursing for almost a year. Good job mama!

  5. Sounds like a great schedule that is working wonders for you and the girls! Congrats on the nursing success too:)

  6. I always had good intentions of doing a strict schedule, but I ended up being really laidback about it and never really followed through. Probably one reason why my girls didn't sleep through the night until much later lol.

  7. I just might be thanking you for this post in 3 months. My first two were pretty good babies and well I am terrified as to what baby #3 will be like. Payback? Maybe? Who knows. Hoping not!

  8. Awesome! Great job on sticking with it- my advice for breastfeeding is to drink a LOT of water... everytime you nurse you should drink at least 8 oz of water to help replenish. :)

  9. You're doing so awesome with all three girls! I am so impressed. I am getting nervous to have two. Callyn was a really great baby and easy...ate well and slept well for the most part. WE did end up doing sleep training at about 4 months, but other than that she was just easy. I feel like there's no way Colbie is going to be as easy as she was haha!
    Also yay for BFing! That is awesome you are able to go longer than with the others! I hope you are able to do it for as long as you want :)