Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A visit with Santa & our Christmas Card

On Saturday night we decided that, Sunday morning we were gonna get to Bass Pro at 10am when it opened to go see Santa.  We wanted to beat the crowds.  Our friends were there on Saturday afternoon and said there was over a 2 hour wait to see Santa.  So we put the girls to bed Saturday night like normal.  Since Keira is in her big girl bed I put a baby gate on their door so they cant get out of their room if were still sleeping.

Sunday morning came and Kaylee opened the gate the girls came out to the living room where daddy left his oreos on the table.  Daddy had eaten one of three rows, daddy heard the girls so he went to check on them to discover they were out here and that between the two of them they had eaten the other two rows of oreos...(can we say sugar high!)  After that daddy put them back in their room and told them they needed to stay in there until we all got up.  I woke up to feed the baby and he came in to tell me all this.  I was afraid they were gonna get sick, they didn't thankfully!

We all got up, I got the girls dressed in their Christmas attire.  I had gotten the girls these cute $5.00 Christmas shirts from WalMart (I don't buy expensive Christmas shirts cause they will just mess them up) and Kendall got a cute outfit that I saw at Target.  I got myself ready and we loaded up and made the 20 minute drive.

When we pulled into the parking lot there A LOT of people waiting outside to go in.  We waited outside for just a few minutes before they opened the doors.  Once inside we made our way back to see Santa with a bunch of other people who were doing the same thing.  We didn't have to wait long which was nice.  We waited maybe 10 minutes.  The girls were very excited to see Santa.

It was finally our turn and both girls ran up to him.  Kendall was on one leg and Keira was on the other and Kaylee was staying next to him.  As Jason and I went to step out of the way to get the picture, Keira started crying and yelling "NO NO NO".  So I asked her if she wanted to stand next to Santa instead and have Kaylee sit on Santa's lap.  She said "yeah" and Kaylee jumped at the opportunity to sit on Santa's lap.  The girls looked at the camera and said "cheese" and then they both told Santa that they wanted a TRAIN SET for Christmas.  Well girls your in luck cause that's what Santa is bringing you!!  All in all it was a good visit with Santa this year!

Kaylee (3.5), Keira (2) & Kendall (6 week)
sorry poor quality, this is a picture of a picture our scanner isn't working

Kaylee (2.5) & Keira (13 months)

* * * * *

All my Christmas cards have been sent out
So I can now show you what our Christmas card looks like this year
I had different pictures planned out for our card but it didn't work out (maybe next year)


  1. Cute card and cute Santa pic! We tried Bass Pro one time for Santa pics, but gave up waiting because it was so crazy lol.

  2. Keira's face is so funny with Santa! Love your cards too. So cute.

  3. So cute!!! I LOVE Keira's smile in the picture with Santa!!

  4. SUPER cute---love the Santa pics AND the Christmas card!!!!


  5. Awe! The picture with Santa turned out super cute. We have yet to take our girls but I'm thinking it's probably going to be a disaster! lol!

  6. Love the Santa picture! The Christmas card is adorable too!


  7. I'm so loving your Christmas card!!