Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nuby Parent Blogger: Clik-it insulated cool sipper cup review

Our box of Nuby items arrived yesterday (3.24) and both Kendall & I were excited to check out all the cool products Kendall chose.  To say Kendall was beyond excited would be an understatement.  She looked at everything multiple times and then had to show everyone in the house all of her stuff.  Then when it was bedtime she made me place the box of goodies next to her bed.  LOL
Since this cup was her favorite item she kept going back to we decided to review it first.  With Kendall being almost 29 months old I thought this cup would be perfect in transitioning her to an open cup.  This cup fits 9oz of fluids which is awesome for my little drink obsessed kid.  I swear I fill up her old little cups and she drinks those down in less than a minute, with these cups being bigger they last her longer.
 I love that the cup is insolated which helps keep her juice or water colder longer on these hot CA days that we've been having lately.

Kendall loves that it's easy to drink from, when she puts her mouth up to the soft silicon rim the juice or water comes out so easy for her.  She loves that it comes out each time and that she has no problems.  We've had a few melt downs with other cups we've used and its nice to not have those melt downs anymore. 
Another awesome thing about this cup is that when you close it, it clicks so you know its closed.  Which is always a good thing, we don't want juice spilling all over when they go to drink.  So knowing its closed is peace of mind for this busy mom on the go.  The other thing we love is that it's NO SPILL, I mean it's the worst when your kid has a cup in the back seat and you go to take them out and they are wet from there cup leaking.  This cup doesn't leak and it even holds up great to my toddler who's dropped it a few times on the ground. 

It's BPA Free and completely safe for the kiddos which every mom likes right?!
It comes in some fun prints for girls and boys.  Kendall loved hers since she's very into pink and purple and flowers.  You can find these awesome cups at Babies R Us / Amazon / Target
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  1. Love these cups! Also it's fun that you guys are back in CA! I added you to our little mom's group on fb since you're not too far! My friend started the group and I help her run's fun we just had such a great Easter egg hunt potluck. Hope to see you and the girls at one of the events! it's fun to get the kids all out and well some time to talk to adults haha

  2. awww. she's too cute!