Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall In Love with the Jess' {our family pictures}

It's been 2 years since our last family pictures were taken, so I knew it was time to get an updated family picture done.  The timing worked out great cause my parents were in town from CO for my aunts wedding, so they took pictures for us and I took pictures for them and we took pictures together.  It was fun and I love that I was able to get an updated picture of us that I love.

Here are the pictures with my parents & brothers with us too



  1. These all came out good Joey! :) I'd love to still take your family pictures, maybe sometime in the next month or two if things aren't too crazy with the holidays approaching!

  2. Great pics of a great family! :) Lana

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I would have a hard time choosing which ones to frame!!!!

  4. These turned out great and free, even better! ;)