Monday, November 7, 2016

Keira & Kendall's Kitty Birthday Bash

For the last 4 years now Keira & Kendall have a joint birthday party, there birthdays are only a month apart so it just makes sense to do it that way.  That is until they tell me there to big for joint parties.  This year they decided they wanted a kitty party, and I loved that idea too.  So I took to pinterest for some ideas.  There whole party was a big DIY, I made everything myself.  I have so much fun planning parties and DIYing the whole thing.   I did work with someone to make there invitations as part of a collaboration (you can see it on the mantel)
The day before the party I started baking, I rolled the dough to make the sugar cookies and baked up the little kitty paws (which were a little bit of a pain in the butt), those who make cookies professionally, hats off to you!  After doing the cookies I made up the cupcakes, to keep them moist I put bread on top of them and put them in the microwave.  I did all my DIY décor weeks ahead of time so I wasn't stressing at the last minute.  With day light savings time we were all up early and ready to go, daddy went and got donuts while I made up pasta salad and decorated the cupcakes and dipped pretzels.  I set up all the décor, got the girls and myself ready and then we waited for friends and family to arrive. 
This year was the first year that we had friends from school attend the party, I was a little nervous but it turned out to be a lot of fun, lots of screaming but fun!  There were 7 little friends from school and there siblings,  the girls had a blast.  Birthday parties are so much fun but so tiring at the same time.  Now it's time to go through all there old toys to make room for the mass amount of new toys they just got.

Thank you to Plucky Mustard for these awesome custom kitty raglans



  1. What a beautiful party. Love the decor and the mix of colours! Your girls are so pretty.

  2. So cute, love all the little details too!