Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Squirt gun canvas paint project

This is the first summer where we have been busy busy busy.  It's like we've been going non stop since the girls got out of school.  I'm not complaining one bit though, it's been a total blast.  We spent a week at the beach, the girls took a dance class, Kendall did swimming lessons, lots of swimming at grandma's, play dates with friends, out on the boat a lot, baby showers, and still have a few more things planned before these girls return to school in August.

On those days when we have down time and nothing planned, as a mom I know I need to have something planned for the girls to do.  If not they tend to get into trouble, they need to get there energy out or they start running around the house, fighting with each other or just not listening.  So I'm totally excited to have teamed up with french toast for there #FTextracredit campaign, a way for children to spend a summer day doing an enjoyable and educational project and having fun while doing it.  We got to choose between 2 boxes, an art box or bird house.  Since my girls love ART, I knew they would love that.

When the box arrived on our door step it was like Christmas, the girls tore into the box and may have screamed when they say what was inside.  Mommy was surprised too.  Think super soakers, large canvases and paint.  We waited a couple weeks before doing our project for our schedule to slow down and for it to cool down outside as well.

 Well last night while daddy was out running errands, I was feeling defeted as a parent.  The girls had been naughty all day, which was a little my fault for not giving them something to do, they were fighting over barbies, spent lots of time on there beds for not listening and my patience were wearing thin.  I felt bad for being a jerk parent all day, so to make it up to them, it was the perfect time to bust out the paint project.  We gathered up all our supplies, put there hair up, put on our super cute french toast outfits and headed out for some fun.  It comes with 4 primary colors (red, blue, green & yellow), so to make it a little educational I asked the girls what 2 colors could be mixed to make another color, so we mixed blue & red to get purple and then we mixed red & yellow to get orange.  Since the squirt guns are big and kind a awkward for Kendall to use, I did a demonstration for the girls to show them how to do.  After that it was all over, there was a squirt gun for each of the 6 colors.  Lots of giggles and paint all over the grass was had.  This paint project is the perfect amount of fun for kids of all ages and it'll give mom enough time to enjoy a glass of wine while her kiddos make a masterpiece (maybe even 2 glasses).  I'm excited for them to dry and cut each of them and frame them, not I just have to find the perfect place to hang them.

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