Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kendall is 21 months old

Oh Miss Kendall Morgan,

What can I say this month has been really busy and you are 11 days away from turning 22 months old but hey this is better late than never, right?!  Another month has passed and you are inching closer and closer to your second birthday.  It's crazy to mommy how fast you are growing up and all the new words and things your learning everyday. 

Your little personality is really starting to shine through. You are funny, stubborn at times, the sweetest and most loving, happy little girl ever.  I hate that your growing up so fast.  I want to keep you my little baby forever, but this age with you is so much fun.

Over the last month you've become a brand rep or model for some really awesome shops so mommy has been in mamarazzi heaven being able to take some really adorable pictures of you.  You have gotten so use to taking pictures on a daily basis that it's become part of our daily routine and you love it.  You get so excited when we go to the mail box and there's something fun in there for you.  It has been a lot of fun and I love it cause I've been able to really see your personality come out while taking pictures of you.  You are so expressive and this new kissy face that you do, I mean it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen.  You love to have Kaylee and Keira come over and watch you and then you guys strike your poses together.

SLEEPING:  Your sleeping is still great.  You are still taking two naps a day sometimes, it just all depends on what were doing or if you become crabby then that morning nap is necessary.  When you don't take your morning nap your afternoon naps are 3-4 hours.  I am soooo happy that you and your older sisters still take a nap, cause mommy needs that break!

EATING: You love your food and most definitely don't like to share with anyone.  When your sister's try to take your food you make sure to let them know not to touch it and then you will yell for mommy and then tattle on them.  You are not picky at all and will eat or try pretty much anything, which I am thankful for.

* playing with your baby dolls
* you love to dance and it's the cutest when you do your little baby fist pump
* wearing your sisters shoes around the house
* reading books
* mocking and copying everything your sisters do

* stopping doing what she's doing to get her diaper changed
* having to be patient and wait for things

* talking
* talking
* talking
* moving from your crib to your big girl bed with no problems
* talking
* talking
* talking in sentences
* kicking butt on your second & third time flying
* moving into our brand new house
* finally learning how to drink out of straw



  1. I'm seriously so in love with this little girl. She's always so happy, she's so beautiful

  2. She must be catching everything quickly from her elder sisters. I have always believed that 3 sisters have some kinda magical strength to each of them. They will def make you proud.