Friday, August 22, 2014

Taking my blog in a new direction - Girl Fashion

I've fallen off the wagon on blogging.  But since we are pretty much all moved into our new house and the craziness of that is settling down, I can get back to writing. 

My blog use to be about whatever.  Since all 3 girls are brand reps for some really awesome shops, I thought I would turn my blog into more of a kids fashion blog.  Posting pictures of my girls in super cute clothes.  Don't worry it wont all be about kids fashion but most of it will be.

If you know us then you know that I have an obsession with headbands.  We are reps & models for some really awesome headbands shops.  Keira is a brand rep for The Knot Project.  Mandy is the sweetest and she is the woman behind The Knot Project she makes awesome maxi dresses and headbands.  She sent us 2 pieces from her new fall line,  the tribal print and faux leather bow headband was the cutest thing ever.  Make sure to go follow Mandy on instagram HERE and follow her etsy shop HERE.

The Knot Project


Then we switched up our headband.  All 3 girls are brand reps for Danica's Chic Bowtique she makes some of the cutest headbands.  She makes some over the top headbands, simply headbands and then boho headbands, which are our favorites.  I love how they dress up a simple outfit.
Again follow Christina on instagram HERE & then heart her etsy shop HERE




  1. yay!!! I love following your pics on instagram!!!! Ive found so many cute shops from your girls being reps!!

  2. My gosh, that back and white photo! Thanks for the feature! Honored to be your first blog review :)

  3. I've missed your blogging! You will have to do a post about your new house!! =)