Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015 Recap

I was looking forward to Easter this year, being able to spend time with family and friends.
Last year we were in Texas and for Easter it was just the girls and I.  It made me a little sad that we didn't do anything but luckily the girls were small and didn't really know the difference.

When we finalized our plans to move back to CA where all our family and friends were I was so happy that we were going to be able to spend holidays and birthdays like we did before moving to Texas.

Easter morning the girls were up at 6:45am and immediately found there baskets, I didn't hide them they were on the counter.  I could hear them out there starting to try and get into them, yelling from our bedroom I told them they needed to wait till after breakfast to look at everything.  We had a special breakfast surprise for them.  We got up and daddy started on the pancakes while I cut up strawberries.  The girls were so excited when they came to the table and saw there pancakes (bunny butts)

After eating and patiently waiting for us to clean up breakfast the girls were able to dig into there baskets and see what they got.  They loved everything inside....coloring book, mini puzzle, bubbles, an outfit, pet shop pet and pretend make up.  Kendall got a few extra little things, panties and candy as a reward for pottying {potty training is back on...wish us luck}

After looking through there baskets and putting there "make up" on they got dressed and were ready to go make our 4 stops for the day.  Our first stop was to visit Jason's great grandma at the cemetery.  It was very emotional, it was the first time we've been back since the funeral and it was the girls first time there.  Keira and Kendall didn't really understand why we were there and I don't expect them too.  But Kaylee understood and she was very emotional which made me really emotional.  We brought her some flowers and stayed for a little bit before heading to our next stop. 

We then stopped by Jason's grandma's house (his step dad's mom).  We hung out and talked with her for awhile and the girls ate some lunch and fresh donuts.  We stay there for about an hour before heading off to our next stop.  The girls fell asleep in the car on the 20 minute car ride to my dad's house.  We hung out at my dads and did a very mini egg hunt and ate some candy.  After spending an hour or so at my dad's we then left for our final stop.

We went to Jason's aunts house with all the Jess'.  Since the weather wasn't very trustworthy it was cold and windy and raining off an on, his aunt decided to hide the eggs inside.  I wasn't able to get to many pics of the girls cause it happened so fast but they loved it. After collecting all there eggs they sat for 30 mins and went through all there eggs (filled with toys and money).  We then hung out a little bit before eating dinner (steak, potatoes, veggie casserole, fruit & rolls) and then the best part...dessert (oh so good!)

All in all we had a great Easter!