Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nuby Parent Blogger: Foam Bath Letters & Numbers Review

Bath time with 3 girls is usually a big chore in our house, fighting over who's getting there hair & body washed first which usually ends in tears for 1 of them.  But these Nuby Foam Bath Letters & Numbers keep bath time a little more fun and entertaining plus a little educational as well.
When you think of these foam bath toys, you think there geared more towards babies and toddlers but I found it to be awesome for all 3 of my girls.  Kaylee is almost 6 and she is at the point in school where she has sight words and she's starting to spell out words too, she had a lot of fun spelling out some of her sight words.  Keira is 4 and it helped her with number and letter recognition, she will be starting Pre School this year and she loved identifying all the letters and numbers and Kendall is 2 and it helped her with recognizing colors and also letter and number recognition.  So while having fun with these foam bath toys we were also learning at the same time, which I love because when they are semi forced to sit down and learn things there attention span is like 5 seconds but with these I was able to keep there attention for awhile.  So it was a win/win in the learning department all around for all 3 of them.

 Sharing is something that my girls have a hard time doing most of the time, so having 26 letters and 10 numbers makes sharing a little easier for the Jess Sisters.  The bright colors keep Kendall's interest and she has fun naming off each color.  Anything that keeps her attention for more than 2 minutes is key cause if it's boring she's on to the next thing, these foam bath letters and numbers must be awesome to her cause she played with them the whole time in the bath.  SCORE!

Some fun facts about these Foam Bath Letters & Numbers:
* The letters & numbers stick to the bath wall
* They float in the water
* They make bath time FUN 
* They are phthalate & BPA FREE
* Meijer
*  Baby Depot at Burlington

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