Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jess Decorate the Tree

Once the day after Thanksgiving hits we are in full on decorating mode here at the Jess house.  Decorating the tree and putting up all the Christmas décor is my favorite part of the holidays.  The twinkling lights, the hot cocoa and the warm fires.  While decorating the tree with 3 kids under 6 my OCD tends to come out a little bit on how they decorate it.  Not putting all the ornaments in one spot and anything else that comes with a toddler decorating.  So I hold back and wait for them to finish and marvel at it and walk away from it before mom comes in to fix it.

I will say that they did a great job this year decorating the tree and not getting to many ornaments in one spot, they spaced them out nicely.  I love all the Christmas décor around the house that I wish it was acceptable to leave it up all year around, I mean wouldn't you agree!?

There's a few Christmas traditions that we've started that we will keep doing this year....
* Going to look at Christmas lights (this year I added a fun little scavenger hunt print out that I found on pinterest, just to make it a little more fun)
* Bake and decorate cookies
* Decorate Gingerbread Houses
* Elf on the shelf


After this picture was taken I found some of our gold glittery snowflakes and added them to the tree so it's filled in a little more.  The fun thing about our tree is that it has a remote and we can have it on colorful, white lights or going back and forth between the two colors.

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  1. So cute! Your girls are always dressed to the nine! Love it! Have a Merry Christmas!