Thursday, February 16, 2017

I've got a CRUSH on you

Being a mom of 3 girls I knew the day would come when they would get there first "crush" on a boy.  Well that day has arrive and I didn't really anticipate that it would come as early as 2nd grade. In the beginning of the school year Kaylee would come out of class, point me out to her teacher and then walk over and we'd leave.  Lets fast forward to the last couple of weeks, she walks out of class and stands with her "crush" and pretends like she doesn't see me standing there waving at her.  She's got the full on heart eyes for this boy.  In the line at drop off she's trying to find him on the playground, she wants to go to the park after school so that they can play, and she blushes every time his name is mentioned.  She doesn't like to talk to much about him at home cause daddy will hassle her too much.
As cute as it is to see her get all bashful, laugh at everything he does and give him hugs when she leaves, I'm not sure how I really feel about it.  To me it means that my first baby is growing up, growing up a little faster than I want her.  A first "crush" is a big deal, I remember having my first crush on a boy, the only difference was that I was in 4th grade. .
I know its just the beginning I have 2 more daughters that will be there, just hoping not anytime soon, this mama can only take so much.  I'm not ready for my little ladies to have crushes and like boys.  Kaylee now wants to make sure that her hair is just right and that she looks cute, slow down little lady, slow down!  I know there dad is not ready for this at all, I mean what dad is!  We've tried to tell the girls that boys have cuties and they don't go away till they move out, and at first they agreed and "boys were gross", well that's now out the window for the oldest girl in my house.
After school yesterday, her crush came to the park (she begged me to go cause he promised he was going) and brought his library book, they sat on a bench together and read it before running around the playground, chasing each other and laughing (other kids were playing with them, but they only shared the book between them).  Her crush has a crush on her too, they gave each other a hug when we left the park, oh to be young and "in love".  As a parent its bound to happen, I just didn't think it would happen this soon. 


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