Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trendy Talk Skechers

As my girls get older there coming into there own style, which I love.  They have become obsessed with shoes lately, so when Keira's "trendy talk" twinkle toes from skechers showed up at our door I almost lost my hearing from the screams and squeals that were coming from this girl.
"Mom, these shoes are so me!"
- Keira (age 6)
The bright colors, the glitter, the fun sayings and cute little characters are perfect for my fun loving girl.  The one thing I love about the twinkle toes for the older girls is the on/off switch.  At school they turn off the twinkle on the toes (cause its a distraction), which is pretty cool. Skechers has got some new styles for men, woman, kids, and toddlers.  They have some new styles that are a little edgier and more fun for the older girls who are growing out of what they call "baby" shoes.  Skechers has the perfect pair of shoes for your little ladies or little guys, so make sure to check them out!
"Look the pineapple's wearing glasses, isn't that hilarious and so cute?"
- Keira

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  1. Those are so cute!!!! Your girls seriously are stunning