Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Keira 26 months old

Keira Alexis,

This month it seems like you have grown leaps and bounds.  You are talking so much and putting long sentences together.  You have amazed me everyday with the new things your learning and saying.  You are such a sweet girl, but you do have a little temper when you don't get your way.

I know I say this to you every month but I cant believe how fast you are growing.  You are seriously growing
 to fast and I don't like it.  Thank you for being such a sweet girl.  You are still obsessed with your little sister.  You have to make sure you sing to her each morning.  I love how she lights up when she see's you.  You love to be around her and making sure that she is ok.  You get excited when she's talks back to you.  Watching you take on your roll as big sister has been amazing.

Weight: 26lbs
Height: 35.5"
Clothes: 2T
Shoes: size 6
Diaper: size 4
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Teeth: all but your 2 year molars {bottom 2 molars are trying to come in}

SLEEPING:  You've been in your big girl bed for 2 months now and you are doing awesome.  For the first couple weeks you would get out of bed and stand by the door and we would put you back in bed and you would stay here.  But now your a rock star.  We read a book each night and then you take that book to bed with you and you will read it in the dark.  You talk to yourself for about 10 minutes before falling asleep.  You go to bed between 8-8:30 and are up each morning at 7am on the dot.  If Kaylee isn't awake yet, you make sure to wake her up.  You'll play in your room until mommy is done feeding baby sissy and then we're up for the day.  You go down for a nap at 12:30 after you eat lunch. You are still sleeping in the pack n play in our room cause you and Kaylee can seem to take a nap together. {there's way to much talking and screaming and fighting}  You are still an excellent nap taker, you'll take a 2.5-3 hour nap.

POTTY TRAINING: I'm not sure we'll be doing it anytime soon! Keira turned 2 the end of November. I told myself that after the holidays we were going to start the potty training process.  The holidays passed and we got back into our daily routine.  Keira got some new undies for her birthday and for Christmas.  I thought she would be excited about this and be excited to start going potty on her big girl potty.  BOY WAS I WRONG!
This girl had a serious SCREAMING MELTDOWN when I tried to put her big girl undies on.
I decided I wouldn't put them on her, this isn't how I wanted the process of potty training to start. I decided to let a few days pass before trying again. Same thing happened, she screamed and cried yelling "NO UNDIES, I WANT MY DIAPER". Again I didn't push it.
My fear is that she's so in LOVE with her diapers that she'll be 3 before she's potty trained.
I'm not lying she is the only kid I know that gets so excited about her diapers. When she goes potty in her diaper she will let me know as soon as she's done and then will run to the closet, get out her diaper and bring it to me. But she's so happy about it!
I'm not sure what to do!
Do I wait? Do I keep trying to put them on her?
I don't know, I don't want her to be scared of it.
Any suggestions on what I should do would be most appriciated!!!

* You can put your shoes on the right feet all by yourself.  This makes for getting out of the house a lot faster when I can tell you to put your shoes on and you can and you put them on the right feet.
* You have turned a corner and you want your picture taken all the time.  Hey I'm totally ok with that.  You either have to have a bow in your hair or a hat on most of the time.  You either head straight to your room {that's where a lot of pics are taken cause the natural light is so awesome} or want to go outside.  We've been working on different poses too
* You don't like when Kaylee steals your thunder.  You get mad if were taking pictures and if I tell Kaylee "cheese" first and not you.  It's funny.  You guys compete for mommy & daddy's attention.
* You copy everything that Kaylee does or says.  Like today 1.24.13 we were on our way to drop Kaylee off at school and we saw a fire truck and Kaylee said "mom fire trucks are my favorite".  You then copied saying the same thing {which is true}.  Anything Kaylee says you copy and say right back whether you really like it or not.
* When you watch your cartoons for a little bit after dropping off Kaylee at school, you have been participating along.  You actually surprise me with answering some of the questions right.  Such a smart girl.

* We've been working on flash cards each day {ABCs, numbers, shapes & colors}  You are getting a lot better with your colors.  You know: black, white, pink, blue and sometimes purple

* You have gotten a lot better with eating.  For a couple months you were on this kick of being super picky and not eating as much as you use to.  But I am happy to say that you are back to eating almost everything.  Some of your favorites are BANANAS, RASPBERRIES, MEAT, MASH POTATOS, GREEN BEANS & of course COOKIES {which you only get every once in awhile}

* You think Kendall's swing, bounce seat & bumpo are all yours.  You will pull them out from where ever they are and set them up in front of the TV to read a book or watch TV.

* You love to play with your train set that you got for Christmas.  Kaylee will set it up and you guys will play nicely {sometimes} for about an hour before getting on each others nerves.


  1. Cute! Brielle wore that hat just the other day :-)

    I'd probably just wait on the potty thing if it were me. Brielle is doing kind of the same thing. She likes to sit on the potty and "try" but has no interest in the big girl panties we got her for her birthday---she says they are Raya's :-P I'm not going to worry until at least 2.5 that point I'll probably push it more, but I hadn't planned to do any real training until summer anyways.

  2. Remember she just turned two and you just had a baby.... so dont be too hard on yourself or feel bad about it at all! From my experience, one day she will just want to go potty and the rest will be history! I'm sure it will be soon.

    BTW....she is beyond beautiful :)

  3. She is so pretty...I think her and Nolan need to date...such a fun age!

  4. Those eyes... they are just so beautiful! Do you color enhance them or is that just what they look like?

    And the pictures are all great... again I am going to tell you, you should be a professional!

  5. Oh my Lord she is so beautiful!

    Carleigh is going through the same thing with the potty training. She will literally scream and throw a fit if I try to get her to sit on the potty. However, she loves wearing panties. I clean up a lot of messes. :-/ If you figure something out please pass along the information my way!