Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sisters And Best Friends

The bond that is being formed between my older girls and their baby sister just melts my heart.
Each morning the girls come in and will greet Kendall with a "good morning sissy".
Keira will then sit on the edge of my bed and look in at her baby sister and start to sing to her.
It is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  Seeing the smile that Kendall gets when Keira is singing to her just melts my heart.
Keira is so sweet to her little sister and is always so concerned when she cries.
Keira gets so excited when Kendall talks to her.  I love watching them together
I love watching all of them together.
I'm excited to see them playing together
Dressing up, playing make up, fighting over clothes & doing all the things that sisters do together.
Being there for each other and not letting anything happen to one another.
Though Kendall is only 2.5 months the bond that is forming between the three of them is amazing!

Growing up I always wanted a sister.  I'm the oldest.  After 3 years of it just being me I was blessed with a little brother Josh.   It was just my brother and I for a long time.  Yeah we fought often and he had a bad temper but I loved him.  My parents got divorced when my brother was a year old.  So it was just the three of us before my mom met my step dad.  My mom and step dad got married and when I was 10 I was blessed again with another little brother Jake.  I will admit I was really hoping that he'd be a girl and I would finally have my sister.  No such luck.  Then when I turned 20 my mom told me she was pregnant again and this time I was hoping and praying I'd be blessed with a little sister.  But no such luck again, blessed with another little brother Justin.  I think God blessed me with all girls for all the praying I did growing up. 

My brothers are great but I think there's just something about having a sister.  Someone to talk to about their dreams, boys, clothes and secrets.  I am beyond happy that my girls have each other.  That they are so close in age and will always have one another to lean on.

These next few pictures make me laugh cause Keira was getting mad and Kaylee was happy as can be.  I was trying to get both of them to look and smile, so I resort to telling them that I'm gonna get them {as in give them tickles}.  Usually by me doing this I get laughing smiles and they turn out to be some of the best pictures.  Kaylee liked it and gave me some good smile and Keira was getting mad.  Even though she was getting mad I still love these pictures.  They may not be perfect to some people but to me they are perfect.


  1. Candid shots are so much fun - so yes they are awesome even if you enjoy them more than others!

    Kendall's hair is really getting long - did she lose any of it? It doesn't look like it. Your girls are blessed with beautiful hair.

    Even though you didn't have sisters, your girls will be like your best friends when they are older. My mom, sister, and I are all SO CLOSE and I think part of it is because we did the "girl things" together all the time and just have that bond - you will have that too! I pray my girls and I are like that someday as well because it's truly part of what makes life awesome.

  2. Sisters are the best best best!! I wished for Carly to be a boy but I'm glad she wasn't! I LOVE having girls :)

  3. I always wanted a sister too, but no such luck! This post is precious...I love seeing your 3 sweet girls together. Great pictures! I would love a photo editing lesson from you!

  4. You are very blessed! I have two sisters who are now my best friends!

  5. Awww what wonderful little girls you have!

  6. They are all going to be so close when they get older....well as long as they aren't stealing each others clothes without permission like me & my little sister used too haha. It has got to be SO much fun having three girls!!

  7. Aw so sweet.. I'm the oldest of 3 girls and man it was fun growing up with mini me's.. now they're my best friends!

  8. That last pic is sooooo funny! I think sisters are awesome too---I never had one either and I'm excited my girls get that!

  9. this is the cutest post! i love it! you take great photos! :)

  10. OMG---so stinking cute, every single picture!!!!!!


  11. Your girls are adorable! I am a new follower! I can't wait to read more!

  12. such a sweet post! Your girls are soooo beautiful!