Friday, January 25, 2013

Tummy Time

Make it stop!  Make the time stop passing by so fast.
I swear one week this little lady didn't want anything to do with tummy time.
Then she was ok with it and would lift her head up a little bit.
Then the next week I laid her down and she did this, I thought maybe it was a fluke and I just happened to set her up the right way.  But she stayed there about 5 minutes or so and then was over it.  I then put her down the next day for a little more tummy time and it was no fluke, this girl is rockin tummy time.

She's getting big so fast!


  1. aww I love this. My daughter still HATES tummy time, I hope she starts to love it as much as your sweet girl. She only likes to be on her tummy if its on my belly lol..on the mat or the boppy she screams bloody murder! Adorable baby girl you have :)

  2. I always read how everyone says the time passes so fast. I still have till May till my little girl is due, but I hope time doesn't pass that fast once she comes :)

  3. Neither of my girls ever cared for tummy time much! Kendall is definitely getting into it though :-)

  4. I know they grow so fast...she is so cute!

  5. They do. :( Isn't it so much harder this time, too, knowing it's the last?? *Tears!*