Friday, May 3, 2013

Currently & IPhone dump friday

I'm watching... Bridezillas on Netflix, can I just say this show is hilarious and stupid all at the same time, but I just cant stop watching it!

I'm reading... Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song.

I'm listening to... the baby babble, trying to get her to say "dada"

I'm thinking about... wanting a BIG HUGE juicy cheeseburger.  I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday morning and much to my surprise I haven't been in very much pain but I could go for some real food.  I'm so over the jello, pudding, yogurt and mash potatoes.  Hopefully after my visit on Monday they will tell me I can go back to eating regular food.

I need to... get Kaylee's birthday invitations sent out.  I cant believe its time for her birthday

I'm creating... awesome stuff for Kaylee's pool party birthday

I'm cooking... mash potatoes for me and for the girls they had chicken nuggets, fruit and mash potatoes too.

I'm shopping for... things for Kaylee's birthday party

I'm organizing... all of baby Kendall's clothes that are too small {newborn through 3-6 months} I will be selling them, if your interested in seeing what I have let me know.

I'm proud of... my almost 4 year old.  She's doing really well in school and I cant believe that her 1st year of PreSchool is almost over at the end of this month.

I'm looking forward to... getting to see Jason, today has been one month since he left.  This has been the longest we have EVER been away from each other!  So it will be so nice to be a family again when he gets back.

I'm loving... my sweet girls and of course Jason

I'm very greatful for... Jason's mom.  After getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday 29th we stayed at her house for 2 days so she could take care of me and the girls.  So glad to have her close.  I do wish my mom lived close too.

Our plans for this week... well it's friday, so that means Kaylee & Keira go to grandmas house to spend the night.  Not really sure what the rest of the weekend has in store {it will be 90 degrees though}  Monday I have parent teacher conference at Kaylee's school and then Friday at Kaylee's school we will be doing Mother's Day tea.  Really hoping that daddy will be back before Mother's Day!

* * * *

IPhone dump


  1. I love the Currently list!!
    Great idea :)

  2. Your family is so beautiful! I love this post, great to learn about you. Made my way here.....somehow :)) Following :))

  3. I am glad you will all be back together! 1 month is a long time! Happy weekend!