Wednesday, May 1, 2013

parenting is hard work, especially with an almost 4 year old

In 13 short days I will have a 4 year old.
This year with Kaylee has been quite challanging!
I read that a lot of people said age 3 was harder than age 2 and I couldn't agree more.

Age 3 started out good but as the year progressed it just seemed to get worse.
I'm gonna be honest here and not sugar coat anything...
This past year Kaylee has shown so much attitude, lots of back talking, testing her limits, fighting with her sister, tattling about anything and everything that Keira does which is totally annoying!  Within the last couple of months she's had accidents {yes accidents that a newly potty training child would have}.  I don't know why, I don't know if it's because Kendall takes up a lot of my time and she's trying to get attention {in the wrong way} or if it's because daddy left to do his training in Texas or if its just a normal 3 year old acting out.

Her back talking has really gotten bad.  She sasses back and that's one thing as a mom that I will knick in the butt real fast.  I will not have my kid speaking to me like that or anyone else, so when she does she gets a little pop in the mouth and then is sent to her room to think about it.  I want my child to grow up and respect her elders and to speak kindly to people.  I want her to treat her sisters nicely and not always want to be mean {mostly to Keira}.  I don't know if all the fighting between them comes from them being so close in age, but I wish they would get along better, they fight more than they play nicely.  When I'm with them one on one they are little angels but together they are horrible sometimes. Kaylee is a really big instigator, I think she likes to hear Keira scream.

I'm hoping that with turning 4 something in her will change and her attitude will lessen.  That might just be wishful thinking.  I'm hoping that with the BIG move to TEXAS that her attitude doesn't get worse, I'm hoping it will make it better.  I'm hoping that we'll be able to do more fun things together, that she'll make some friends and maybe doing more just her and I dates.  I don't know if all of this attitude and sass is steming from her lack of just her and I time.  With Jason gone, its really hard to just have that one on one time with her.  But I do need to make that time.

I try to keep her as busy as possible so that she has less time to worry about sassily back and fighting with her sister.  I know when they get bored they tend to fight a lot. 

Man, parenting is really hard! Parenting is even harder when your other half is gone.  It's even harder when you don't have your back up with you, when your back up has to parent over the phone.  I cant wait till were all back together so the parenting can be split between us like it was before, so it doesn't always seem like I'm the bad guy.  I don't want my girls to think I'm always nagging at them or always yelling at them and that daddy's the cool one cause he hasn't been around to do it.

Any advice on how I can get my almostm4 year old to stop sassing back would be much appreciated.


  1. This age is definitely tough! Raya was on a kick for awhile responding "I know that" real snotty to everything. We finally just told her flat out that if we hear that she automatically goes to her room. After 1 day she would start to say it and then clasp her hand over her mouth immediately and say "I'm sorry!" and by day 3 she had completely stopped saying it. I think it was just such a habit for her.

    Raya and Brielle generally play well together, but any time they fight over a toy or something I take the toy and no one gets it. I have a little hostage pile of toys that I hold onto until I think they've earned them back haha.

    Other than that I know that Raya's "currency" is food---she LOVES her food lol. So she knows that she can earn a little trip to DQ or something during the week if she has good behavior. Brielle's currency right now is her Dora stuff, so that gets taken away if she's throwing a fit or something.

    Good luck!!! I think girls just come with a lot of "sass"...I can't imagine the amount of sass and drama with three of them---I've got enough over here with just two! :-)

  2. I believe that sending kids to their rooms doesn't accomplish anything, if you want real results you should use Supernanny's 'Naughty Spot' Technique for better results. It may be harder in the beginning, but it will gradually increase their behaviour.

    I also believe that Kaylee lashes out to Kiera because when she was born her life changed and the attention was divided, and so she will lash out at Kiera for the next few years, but with discipline things will improve.

  3. Everyone told me, "you just wait for the terrible 2's" We never experienced that, but as soon as Emma started Pre-K when she was 3 and turned 4...oh watch out! She started hearing things from other kids and would come home with a super duper sassy attitude. Oh it irriated me beyond belief! We have had talks with Emma about how we "act" and how we don't act. She knows if she gives me attitude that i'm not going to put up with it and she gets a time out. Every kid is different though. Good luck with Kaylee, she will grow out of it, i'm sure of it! =)

  4. If you find something that works, please share it! My 3 1/2 year old is so sassy and bossy. She is my challenge and there are some days I am surprised I make it though. Good luck and it is good to know I am not the only one :)

  5. Ty is 2. For me I have nothing to compare. He is my first. Most days are good but some I don't know how to handle. He can be so hard to deal with I just cry at night. He is also the tenderest sweetest little boy out there. Kids are hard but rewarding. I know I don't have to tell you that. You are a wonderful mama and have beautiful daughters. I am hoping that 3 is easier than 2. Or maybe that I can just learn to handle things better.