Monday, May 27, 2013

Kendall is 7 months old

Kendall Morgan:

These 7 months have passed in the blink of an eye.  I seriously cant believe how fast it's gone by.  We are over that half way point and you are closer to being a big ONE year old.  Honestly it makes your mama a little sad at how fast it's going.  When they say kids grow up fast, they aren't lying.  For some reason it feels like you've grown a lot faster than both of your sisters did.  I'm just trying to soak in all your little milestones, each smile, all those belly giggles and each snuggle I can get my hands on.  As you get bigger you would rather put yourself to sleep than to snuggle, so when you do snuggle up with me and take a nap, I just soak up every second of it.  You are such a happy baby mommy, daddy and your sisters only have to look at you and you get that big beautiful smile on your face.  Try to not to grow up so fast, ok?

I love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

Love, Mommy
Weight: 15lbs 10oz
Height: 27" long
Clothes: 6-9 months
Diaper: size 2
Hair: brown
Eyes: blue
Teeth: at the end of your 6 month we were still at ZERO teeth

SLEEPING:  We had about a week or so of your waking up in the middle of the night but that was due to you having an ear infection and bronchial infection.  This month you also decided that you didn't want to be swaddled anymore.  You such a great sleeper, you go to bed at 8:15 after you drink your final bottle and wake up around 7:15am each morning.  Usually you will play with your lovie until around 7:30am when we get up for the day.  When you are tired you will rub your eyes.

EATING:  You are drinking 7oz of formula every 4 hours.  You are eating baby food, 2-3 times a day.  We also started giving little bits of people food.  So far you've tried Ritz crackers and a little bit of banana.  Next on our food to try is puffs.  You pick up the food in your hand and try really hard to put it in your mouth, sometimes you make it and sometimes you don't!

* watching every move your sisters make.  You are so mesmerized with them and think that they are such to cool for school.  Nobody can get your attention when your watching your sisters.
* your exersaucer, you love that thing.  You like to jump up and down in it, you can actually play with all the toys and love to chew on all the little things dangle.
* sitting on the floor and taking your toys out of your little basket.
* bath time, you are now finally kicking your legs and splashing around.
* your lovie, you CANT go to sleep without it.
* swinging in your swing.  You love to be outside and swing in the swing.

* you don't like when your sisters yell.  When they scream and yell it makes you cry, boo boo lip and all.
* TEETHING....teething can suck it!

There isn't really anything other than yelling that you don't like.  You are such a happy baby.

* you can sit up totally unassisted without any help
* you started giving kisses when asked {melts my heart}
* you gave me my first kiss without me asking {I cried!} {5.20.13}
* you said your first word....DADA! {5.10.13}
* you started bouncing when someone holds you
* you started playing peek a boo with mommy {5.25.13}
* you pass toys back and forth hand to hand
* you know your name and will turn in that direction
* you got your first big sickness this month.  After a month of you not feeling like yourself and the dr telling me that it was just a virus, I knew after close to a month and it wasn't going away that I took you back in and they said you had an ear infection and bronchial infection.  We had to give you breathing treatments for a week and meds for your ear.  We went back after a week for a re-check and everything checked out 100% clear.  I'm so glad that your back to your happy self.
* you started playing peek a boo back. {5.25.13}, I was shocked when you did it that morning.  I went to get you out of your crib and you put your lovie over your eyes, waited a second and then took it down and had a huge smile on your face. You then did it again and this time I asked you where you were and then peek a boo after you took your lovie off your eyes.  You love it.
* you sat in the grass for the first time {5.25.13} and you loved it.  Your sisters didn't like the grass at all but you didn't seem to mind it!
* you give me a hug each morning and each time you wake up from your nap.  I will always cherish those hugs cause I know I wont get them as often as you get bigger.
* you love to babble and when someone makes a certain noise you try to mimic it.
* you get the biggest smile on your face when anyone says "dada" {its so cute}
* you like to have music {white noise}playing when you take a nap or go to sleep
* you attended your sister Kaylee's 1st spring concert for school {where she cried the whole time}
* you are ticklish all over your body.  Sometimes all I have to do is touch you and start giggling.

Kaylee | Keira | Kendall


  1. I can't believe that she's 7 months old already! She is beautiful and growing fast!

  2. Oh, I LOVE that bright yellow on her. She's so sweet! Hard to believe how fast her first year is going!!!

  3. Happy 7 months! And I agree, yellow looks g reat on her!

  4. Love her eyes and that big yellow bow! What a sweetie!!

  5. Love her in yellow!! I can't believe it's already been 7 months!

  6. Happy 7 months, sweet girl! I love her in yellow!
    It always amazes me how long some babies go without teeth. All 3 of mine had their 2 bottom ones at 4 months!

  7. I can't believe she's already 7 month! Crazy how all of your girls have their own look :)

  8. Those eyelashes! Love! My daughter didn't get her first tooth until 9 months and I didn't mind too much because it kept her looking more like a baby. :)