Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Capitola Beach {part II}

June 5th, 2015
It was another cold and cloudy day but we still went to the beach anyways.  The girls didn't care as long as they got to go to the beach they were happy.  The waves were big and the sand was wet so it was good for building half sand castles. 

This trip was different to than our past trips to the beach.  Usually Jason's mom has a list of fun events to do while at the beach but this time was different.  It may have been due to the fact that Jason had to work everyday while there so we spent lots of time walking around looking at shops and playing on the beach.

It was relaxing while on the beach or walking around but once we got back to the beach house all hell would break loose.  It was a little my fault since I didn't really bring things for the girls to do but Jason's mom usually brings a bunch of stuff...I guess we both dropped the ball.