Thursday, June 4, 2015

Capitola Beach {part one}

June 2nd, 2015
We arrive at the beach house on June 1st around 6:45pm, we got settled and just hung out with family before heading to bed. On Tuesday morning the girls were more than ready to head to the beach and have some fun.  We headed down to the beach around 10:40am, to let the kids run around and enjoy the beautiful weather.  The plan was to go back down to the beach again after nap time.  {I didn't bring my camera the first trip down}  After nap time the girls, grandma and I headed back down to the beach for some real fun.  The girls played with the sand toys, Kaylee tried her boogie board and didn't really like it at all {first time}.  We then headed back to the beach house and went out to dinner.  First day was a lot of fun.  We missed daddy during the day, he just got his new job so he has to work during the day and he gets back to the beach house around 5, we are looking forward to having him here for the weekend.


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