Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jess Wedding: The Reception

You spend endless amounts of time getting ideas, seeing if those ideas work good together, if this vision you have in your head can really come to life.  After getting engaged I headed straight to pinterest to start pinning ideas for our big day, even though it was over a year away. 

I pinned stuff and deleted stuff and pinned new things.  I had so many ideas in my head and wasn't sure which ones I really wanted to use.  I then deleted my board and made a new one really thinking about what I wanted and what Jason would like as well (we all know it's all about what us girls want anyways!)  I finally stumbled upon a picture that I fell in love with and I knew I could totally recreate it myself (DIY style).

After talking with Jason and he didn't hate my awesome vision I had, I pinned even more ideas.  We went with a black, white, Kelly green and glitter gold color scheme.   I knew I wanted to use mason jars and wine bottles (which didn't get used on the day of because I forgot them at my MIL house).  So as my DIY project, I got 40 mason jars and painted 20 of them gold and then the other 20 were glittered up and then my mom helped me spray paint the wine bottles black.

I remember hearing everyone say "enjoy it, cause the day will go by so fast" And man were they right.  Getting ready with all my girls was so much fun, talking about high school memories and our kiddos.  And once we got to the venue the rest is a blur.  I mean I remember everything but it just went by WAY to fast.  There definetly wasn't enough dancing time in my opinion.  We had a blast and I would redo it all over again in a heart beat.

Jess Family

Barbera / Gardner Family

Alegre Family

Matron of Honor you Steph

Best Man Toast

First Dance

Father / Daughter Dance

Mother / Son Dance

Our Family Dance

My little brother


Cake Cutting

Bouquet Toss

Garter Toss

He bit me!

Us girls have been friends since our Freshman year of high school and we all met our husbands at the same time of our senior year and we all got married one year after eachother.  Love these girls


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