Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Shenanigans 2015

" There will be so many times you feel like you failed.
But in the eyes, heart & mind of your child your SUPER MOM"
I couldn't feel more blessed to be Kaylee, Keira & Kendall's mama. At times motherhood can be hard and trying but it can also be fun, exciting and amazing too!  I have a love for these girls like no other.  I hope they always know that I'm here to protect them, steir them in the right direction and love them no matter what.  Kaylee, Keira & Kendall thank you for making motherhood so much fun.  I love you girls to the moon and back!
I love that each of my girls are so different and unique in their own way.
There personalities are so different, the way they act and look are all their own.
The days with them can be long and very tiring and at times I feel like a failure.  Like I failed as a mom cause all I did that day was yell at them to be good, or listen or stop fighting.  The one thing as a mom I really want to work on is patience.  Some days I have the worst patience with them and fly off the handle and then I feel totally bad after.  But it helps me feel less like a failure when they each say "love you mommy" or "your the best mom"
I love that I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with my girls.
Each day is different and some more stressful than others but I wouldn't trade this job for anything!
* * * *
I had the perfect Mother's Day with my little family.
The girls let me sleep in till 7am which is 30 minutes later than other days.  I got up and got us all ready and we headed out.  First stop was Starbucks, we all got blueberry scones and drinks (the girls shared).  We had so many people telling us how cute the girls were in there matching shirts and all of them sitting in a row eating there scones and drinking there Starbucks.  They were so well behaved, which is always nice when you go out to eat.  ( I will say that my girls have always been good when going out to dinner, thank goodness).
We loaded back up into the car and headed for the lake with the dogs in tow.  We got to the lake and it was beautiful outside (a little chilly in the shaded areas). We went a nice little hike and found a shallow part of the lake we stood at the edge and the girls and daddy threw in rocks.  The dogs played in the water and chased sticks.  We hiked some more, before a certain little 2 year old started whining that she was tired.  We had been hiking around for 2 hours so I could understand.  So daddy gave the certain 2 year old a shoulder ride back to the car and we then headed to Jason's dads house for a BBQ.
The girls were all sleeping within 10 minutes of leaving the lake and took a great nap.  We got to Jason's dad and the girls had a great time running around and playing.  All in all it was a good day.  The girls got me a massage for Mother's Day and for Father's Day daddy is getting a massage too, so mommy & daddy will be having a couples massage and dinner once we get moved into our house!