Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kent Bicycles: Sparkle Bike Review

There's something special in watching your toddler learn to ride a bike for the first time, having her daddy there to watch over and make sure she doesn't fall.  To teach her the right way, show her where the brake is, to reassure her that she'll be ok.  The joy and excitement she gets from learning how to ride and the wonder of when the time will be for daddy to let go and she'll be able to do it on her own.  I'm excited for that day to come when she can ride on her own and hang with her big sisters.

I remember when they first learned to ride there bikes, they had so much joy and excitement.  I can still remember all the laughs and screams from both them and me.  That sense of pride they had and the pride you had in them.  As a parent its so much fun to watch your children experience new things.

When Kent Bikes reached out and asked if they could send us a bike I of course said yes, little miss Kendall was in need of a new bike (her sisters got new ones last Christmas & birthday) so it was her turn.  The bike is a little big for her as it's an 18" bike but she'll be able to grow into it.  Her sisters do enjoy riding it around and having her ride around on the back pegs, which Kendall loves!  When the box arrived I was curious how easy it was going to be to put it together, lets just say it took my husband 10 minutes to put together.  They sent us the Sparkles bike, which has an oversized frame which is painted black with pink & teal colored graphics and really cool hot pink wheels, you'll totally stand out while riding this bike around town.  It has adjustable BMX - style handlebars & an easy adjustable seat with reflector.  Front & read sidepull handbrakes, making it easy to control the speed for your little one or yourself.  It does come with training wheels, if your little ones need them, my husband didn't put them on.  I think my girls love the little bag pouch because they are able to put there treasures that they find inside while out riding.

Don't have your Santa gift for your toddler, teen or significant other?  I've got you covered, head over to or and type in Kent Bicycles (or Kent Bikes).  They have bikes for all ages, toddlers all the way up to adults.  They make the perfect Christmas gift.

"Trusting your intuition is like learning to ride a bike.  Everything takes practice before it becomes second nature."  - James Van Praagh

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