Monday, December 12, 2016

The perfect mom bag

If you are pregnant with your first baby or you have multiple kids, this diaper bag from Twisted Mustard Seed is the diaper bag for you.  Yes my kids are older but that doesn't mean that I don't hold all there stuff, on top of all my stuff.  So when Vicky from Twisted Mustard sent me this "heartbreaker" diaper bag I instantly fell in love, the cowhide leather & turquoise color is beautiful.  I love that it's not your ordinary colored black or brown diaper bag, I love the bold color.  The inside lining of the diaper bag is so easy to wipe down and is water resistant, it makes clean up a breeze.


It is the perfect bag for the every day mother, if you have a baby there is a changing pad in there, its the perfect size for changing your little one on the go (its lightly padded). But the great thing is if your little one is older its perfect for picnics in the park.  I love that the pad matches the polka dot interior of the diaper bag.

One thing I love the most about this bag is the wet/dry pouch, its perfect for holding toddler snacks and drinks, it comes in handy while your out running errands.  It has strong magnets on the back and snaps into the purse to keep your drinks and snacks in place, SCORE!  It does take up a lot of room in the purse so if you don't have a lot of stuff to put in the diaper bag it works good but if you want to put a change of clothes & diaper you'll want to carry the pouch outside of the diaper bag, it has a nice strap on the top to carry it.

Some other awesome features to this bag is that the zipper zips all the way down, which makes it really easy to access things in your bag.  The mini LED water resistant flahslight is perfect for when your looking in your purse at night to find your keys or chapstick.  It comes with a shoulder strap, little studded feet on the bottom which are perfect so it doesn't get damaged.  There are 2 bottle holders if you have a little one who still takes bottles or perfect for holding your phone or toddler sippy cup. 

All in all this diaper bag is perfect for any mom, it is a little pricy but its totally worth the price, the quality is amazing and holds up really well.  I would totally add it to your Christmas wish list.  I even use this bag when I'm not carrying my kiddos toys, sip cups or snacks around.  Also if your husband is looking for a bag for when he has the little one then he'll need The Voyager Bag 
* I received a Twisted Mustard Seed "The Heartbreaker Bag" for a review.  All opinions are my own

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