Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jess Sisters First Day of School

Summer went entirely too fast and today is the first day of school. 
This summer was filled with so much fun & lots of memories.
I know this school year will be filled with just as much fun & memories.
My girls are growing up so fast and as of today I send all 3 of my little ladies to school. 
"Oh the places you'll go, today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!"
- Dr. Seuss
Ms. Jaques Class
GRADE: 3rd grade
AGE: 8 years old
WEIGHT: 50lbs
HEIGHT: 47" tall
Ms. Collinsworth Class
GRADE: 1st grade
AGE: 6 years old
WEIGHT: 47lbs
HEIGHT: 46" tall
Mrs. O'Brian Class
GRADE: TK (transitional kingergarten)
AGE: 4.5 years old
WEIGHT: 33lbs
On Monday we packed our backpacks with all our supplies, picked out our first day of school outfits, got there lunches ready and even painted our nails.  The girls were both anxious and excited to start school this morning.  Mom on the other hand, her stomach was in knots.  I had this feeling sending the two older girls off to school for the first time and today I send my last "baby" to school.  She's leaving me to become a big girl.  After dropping off my sweet girl, this mom may have sat in her car in the parking lot for a good ten minutes and had a little cry sesh!  Totally normal right?!
After I left the school I ran some errands alone (which was a little weird not having my side kick), then came home and did a little cleaning.  I mean it was a little too quiet not having someone asking me a million questions or making me laugh!  At least after I clean the house, it'll stay that way since there all gone at school all day!  I was excited to leave and go pick them to hear all about there day.  They had an early release day today, Kendall's class came out first and she almost made me cry again, she came running out as fast as she could and gave me the biggest hug, which this mama needed.  I missed my sweet girl.  Her older sisters followed right behind.
We got in the car and I was totally excited to hear all about there day.
Kaylee - she made a new friend today (Kylie) and she's excited to have her best friend Luke in her class again.  She said her teacher is really nice.  They made special dough, which she is pretty excited about it.  They didn't do too much work today she said and she thinks homework starts tomorrow!
Keira - her best friend Avery is in her class again, which she is happy about.  Keira thought it was awesome that she gets her own desk to put all her stuff in.  They did a little bit of work and the teacher read some books to them.
Kendall - she got to color a hat they made that says "I rocked my first day of TK", they got to build stuff with blocks, play, and even rest while listening to music.  She did say she cried a little bit after I left this morning cause she missed me.
I am so glad they each had a good day and I'm excited for the school year.



  1. So cute! Hope they have a wonderful school year. I can't believe Summer is almost over!!

  2. They looked adorable! I hope they had a great day!