Thursday, August 3, 2017

She's a "dino"mite gal

Yes I did reference a quote from Wreck it Ralph, when you've seen the movie a million times it was only fitting.  Kendall loves dinosaurs, like loves them, so what does a mom do?  She calls her mom (Mimi) and asks if she can make her grandbaby a custom dino dress.  My mom has been sewing and making clothes since I was little and I told her over the years that she needed to open a shop, last year she finally opened it and its been going great! (go give her a follow on IG To complete the amazing dino dress, my mom had Mimi_makes make Kendall a matching bow, it turned out perfect.  Nothing completes the outfit like a custom pair of dino earrings from our favorite earring shop pisces prisms
* * * *
Also can I talk a minute about my "baby" heading off to school in 5 days!  I'm still looking for the mom group for us moms who are in denial that our kids are growing up, if I ever find it, I'll let all you mom know!  I'm trying not to think about her going cause I might actually start crying.  I know the tears will come after I drop her off on Tuesday morning!  Although age 4 has had our trials its been so much fun, I'm going to miss her asking me a ton of questions, her telling me she's hungry every 5 minutes, all the snuggles I could ask for.  She's been my little sidekick for the last 4.5 years and now for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week I'll be kid free!  I'm not sure how I feel, in a way I'm like yes, I can clean the house and it will actually stay clean, run errands easier but on the other hand I'm sad.  I'll miss our laughs, our starbucks dates and sneaking down the hall to watch her quietly playing with her babies or Barbies.  She is more than excited to go to school and make some new friends and for that I'm excited for her too.  I know she'll do awesome and she'll learn so much, I guess its hard for me to let go, she's my baby!


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