Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kaylee update

Kaylee Elizabeth:

We are 3 months away from you turning FOUR!  How it possible that your already going to be 4?!  You are getting to be such a big girl.  You amaze me everyday with all the things you know and all the things your learning to do. 

You have an over the top personality, you can be a bit dramatic at times, your sweet when you want to be and sassy most of the time.  But I love everything about you.  You know how to make me laugh just at the right times and you know how to push my buttons to the max.  You and your sister have a love/hate relationship with each other, but mostly L.O.V.E!

SLEEPING:  this last weekend we switched you into your own room.  You feel like such a big girl now, not having to share a room with your little sister.  The awesome thing about you getting your own room is that I don't have to get up a million times during nap and bed time to tell you and Keira to go to sleep and stop talking.  At nap time you've decided that your over taking naps, so I make you stay in your room for quiet time.  Mama still needs that hour in a half to herself, you and your sister wear me out most days!  You go to bed each night between 8-8:30pm and will wake up around 7-7:30.

PRE SCHOOL:  when you started your first day of preschool back in August 2012, it made me sad.  Proir to this day you were with me day in and day out.  I knew I would miss that time with you and was worried how you would do away from me.  Much to surprise you did awesome that first day and every day since then.  We are coming close to the end of your first year in pre school {May 31st}.  We get up each morning eat breakfast and head out the door to get you to school by 9am and I pick you up by 11:45 each day.  I was able to go in one day and observe you in class.  It was a great opporunity for me to see what you do on a daily basis.  You love circle time and the singing & dancing that goes along with it.  You have learned so much this year and I cant wait to see what more you learn next year.  I love that you love school and that your making cute little friends too.

- You are such a big girl now, you can dress and undress yourself.  This accomplishment has been a huge help for me on a daily basis.  I pick your clothes out and I'm able to just hand them to you and you can get dressed and put your shoes on.

-  You can tell me what each color on the stop lights mean. 

- You know the difference between right and left.  The other day on the way home from school you were telling me which way to turn {left or right} and you were right.  I was really impressed!

-  You are obsessed with thinking your a princess.  Uncle Josh got you dress up stuff for Christmas and most days I can find you all decked out in your princess dress, crown and high heels.  You then will help Keira get dressed like a princess and then you will both twirl and dance around the house.

-  Around Christmas time the Nutcracker Ballet came on TV and you were in a total trance.  You LOVED everything about it.  You tried and copied all the dance moves, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I'm thinking we might need to sign you up for some dance classes.

-  At school you work on tracing your name.  The teacher wrote your name on a strip of paper and then laminated it, you then take a strip of paper and place it on top and try and trace your name with your pencil.  I got to witness you try and do this at parent observation {you got frusterated when you couldn't make it perfect}.  So at home on the chalk board I wrote out your name and asked you if you could write your name.  You tried it and guess what happened on the first try, you copied and wrote your name out for the first time.  Mommy and daddy were really proud of you.  We've only been working on your first name.  We tried your last name but the S's were hard and you kept getting really mad, so we stopped.

- Your favorite movie is BRAVE.  For Christmas grandma got you a sword like her and just recently got you a bow n arrow.  So now you really think your Merida!

-  You love to sing.  You come home from school singing many songs.  Your latest one is "rain rain go away".  Keira likes to sing with you! 

- You've become quite the fashionista lately.  Your loving the scarf trend right now.  You ask for a scarf every day and when your scarf doesn't match you get mad when I tell you no scarf.  I guess I'll need to make you more.

ON BEING A BIG SISTER:  you take your roll as big sister very seriously.  You know I was worried when I became pregnant with your 1st little sister that you would be extremely jealous and act out, I mean you were only 18 months old.  To my surprise you really didn't pay any attention to her for the first 2 months.  Then you were all over Keira and wanted to help.  So when I became pregnant again with your sister Kendall, I knew things would be great.  But very much to my surprise you were the one to act out and seem jealous for the first month.  But now you are great.  You love to talk to the baby and give her endless kisses and hugs.  You are a great big sister and I cant wait to see the bond form even stronger between you and your sisters as you guys grow up.

Sweet girl I love you to the moon and back.


  1. OMG, Raya is obsessed with stoplights. Everywhere we go I have to hear her say over and over again "green means go!" and "red means stop!" haha. God forbid I don't gun it the second the light turns green too .... ;-)

  2. I'm with Shawna... the stoplight thing is getting out of control :)

    Shes so beautiful! Love all her pics!

  3. What a bright and beautiful little girl!