Monday, February 18, 2013

"mom, look I wrote my name"

Being able to witness your three in a half year old write her name all by herself is priceless.
I'm sure I will have many many more proud mom moments from each of my girls but this one is special, seeing your first baby girl writing her name.  It also means that my one time newborn is turning into such a big girl. 

We have been practicing letter tracing with dry erase makers and we had done her name on the chalkboard a few times together  The difference was that I would write her name at the top of the chalkboard and she would then write her name below.  But when she called me into the kitchen this morning {2.13.13} yelling "mom, come look I wrote my name".  I had to jump up quick and go look at what my girl had done.  She had written her name without the help of me writing her name at the top of the chalkboard.  I was incredibly proud.  {she erased it before I had time to get a picture of it with my camera}


  1. Good job Kaylee!
    Super cute pics! =)

  2. Great job Kaylee! It is so special, I have kept so many things from this year that C wrote his name on. Now he is interested in knowing how to write others words and is constantly asking me how to spell. I love it so much!