Wednesday, February 27, 2013

While daddy's away the girls will play...

At least that was the plan!
Daddy left to go out of town on Tuesday Feb 19th morning {he was headed to TX} and wouldn't return until the following Wednesday Feb 26th late at night. So I had every intention of doing fun things with the girls to make to week fly by and keep the girls busy & out of trouble. Well Wednesday morning we all woke up with the flu. Kaylee and Keira both had fevers. I knew they didn't feel good cause they just laid around the house all day {something that never happens unless they are sick}. The baby seemed fine and I felt like crap. I was hoping that it would just be a 24 hour thing and we would all be back to normal in the morning. 

Well it wasn't a 24 hour thing at all. We have all been sick the whole time daddy's been gone. Let me tell you how hard it is to take care of 3 sick kids while your sick yourself. I'm not sure if Kendall's sick or if she's just teething. But I've noticed in the this last week that she's been waking up multiple times at night. I'll give her her paci and she'll fall asleep and wake back up 2-3 hours later. It hasn't been the best week for us. 

It's now Saturday {feb 23}, the older girls seem to be feeling better but they both have a cough and nasty runny noses. The only thing that seems to be helping Kendall is her amber teething necklace. I've noticed a huge difference in her if she isn't wearing it and when she is. I just wish she could wear it at night. I won't let her wear it at night, it makes me to nervous. But night time seems to be the worst time for her. So I'm hoping that we are all on the mend and are all better by the time daddy gets back. Since the girls were feeling better grandma came over to get them and take them to art class that she signed them up for. After class she was going to take them back to her house for lunch and a nap so that I could relax. And relax I did. The baby napped and I read Safe Heaven {really good book so far}. Once the girls got back we watched more movies and ate some dinner and just hung out. I sprayed Lysol each day to keep the yucky germs away!

 Sunday {feb 24} and we had a fun day ahead of us. After being couped up in the house with no other than my kids to talk to {I mean in person} my brother and his girlfriend came over to visit. It was really nice to see them and catch up. {little back story:  my brother has lived with us for the past 4 years and just recently moved out with his new girlfriend}. The girls were really excited to see the both of them. After our 3 hour visit they left and then I got another visit from my friend Jen.

Monday{feb25} was pretty low key. After 4 days of no school due to not feeling well, Kaylee was able to go back to school today. So just like every Monday, grandma was here at 8:20 to visit for a few minutes and then take both girls. She drops Kaylee off at school and then her and Keira head back to her house for their time together. Grandma kinda wasn't feeling very well so she brought the girls home early. I enjoy Monday's cause I get to spend quiet one on one time with Kendall. Monday's are our days to hang out, run errands and just hang out.

I will say this week with not feeling well there were many times that I lost my cool.  That I yelled at the girls. That they got sent to their rooms for not listening. Yelling what felt like a millions to "stop fighting & play nice".  They really knew how to test my patience, that's for sure. I guess this week is just preparing me for the big change that will be happening to our family. More on that in a different post.

 Tuesday {feb 26} meant that daddy would be home the next day and we all couldn't be more excited!!!!!  I know the girls have really missed him and so I have. They got to talk to him almost every night before bed. With all of us being sick I noticed that Kendall seemed to be really conjested and at times seemed like she was having a little trouble breathing. So I made her an appt that morning to go be checked out. I decided that since both the older girls had coughs I would take them with me to make sure their lungs were all clear. I promised the girls f they were good at the drs thst we would go to the library on the way home. The girls were so good,  taking the 3 of me out together alone is getting a little bit easier each time. Once we got checked by the dr and she said everyone's lungs were clear, we were good to go. So like I promised we headed to the library, I unloaded everyone and we walked up to the door to find out that the library was CLOSED!  The girls, especially Kaylee was so upset. So when we got home I gave the girls a cookie for being good and we arched Brave until nap time.   After nap time we headed outside to burn off to built up energy they had. It's got a little to chilly outside for the baby so we came back inside. The girls wanted to watch Monsters,Inc while I made pizza for dinner.

It's Wednesday, yay daddy will be home today!!!!!
The house is super clean and we are ready to resume life with daddy back.
And I am ready for a much needed break.
But minus all of us being sick, the week did go by really fast and it wasn't thst bad with the girls.

Here are a bunch of random pics from our week {they won't be in order or look pretty cause I'm on my and happy 4 months to my sweet Kendall {4 month post will be up this week}


  1. you are SO brave to play mommy alone for so long:) they are lucky to have you and seem very well behaved! Cheers to you momma enjoy some much needed you time when daddy comes home

  2. Yay for daddy being home today! Go get a pedi! Or take a trip to Target alone! You deserve it :)

  3. I love the countdown for Daddy coming home...not easy being on your own and having sickness in the house!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you were all sick while he was gone. :( That makes it tough on you! (Can't wait to hear what your news is!)

    That lady bug shirt on Kendall is super cute.

    W has the same lady bug pillow pet as Kaylee. :)

    Glad your hubby gets home tonight; enjoy spending time with him.

  5. Glad you are all starting to feel better! I agree that Kendall's ladybug shirt is super cute :-)