Tuesday, December 10, 2013

J Family Disneyland Trip

Christmas last year (2012) Jason's dad and girlfriend gifted us with tickets to Disneyland.
We made plans 2 different times to go but those plans fell through and we never made it.
We had to use our tickets before the end of December 2013.
When Jason knew his break date we set up the trip details.

Jason got home on Sunday (12.1.13) at 1am.  We just hung out around the house and packed for the big trip the next day.  On Monday (12.2.13) we loaded the car up and headed out.  We made it an hour into our 6 hour drive and the baby was over it already!  We had a few more crying episodes before finally making it to our destination.

As a kid I loved going to Disneyland to with my parents.  It was always such a great time and I have so many memories of it.  So when we had our girls I knew that one day I wanted to take them to Disneyland when they were big enough to really enjoy the magic of it.

Seeing the pure joy on our girls faces before we even made it into the park was amazing and watching their little faces light up with each new thing they saw just made the whole trip that much more exciting for us as parents.  The had a really good time and I think the parade was there favorite part.  The big girls didn't really like the rides in the dark and cried a few times.  But the baby did awesome.  She got to ride on most of the rides we went on and over all just did great.  I thought for sure she would be not fun cause her nap schedule got all messed up but she just went right along with everyone.  I cant wait to go back again when the girls are a little bigger and will enjoy all the rides a little more.

Just a pre warning, enjoy the crap ton of pictures! (the pictures aren't in order of our trip)
Oh and Disneyland at Christmas time is beautiful!!!



Grandpa got the girls gift cards to Build a Bear.  This was the girls first time and they loved it.  Kaylee got a purple unicorn, Keira got a monkey and the baby picked a super soft bear

We found our bench an hour in a half before the parade started.  But it was worth the wait cause we were front row!


Mr & Mrs To Be!


Disneyland was good to us and we cant wait to go back again!


  1. Love the pictures, looks like fun!!

  2. Your pictures are so amazing! Makes me miss Disneyland so much!

  3. So great! We love being so close- can't wait to take the girls there, although we vow it won't be until they're 5 ;) And I cannot get over Keira's sunglasses- so cute!

  4. Looks like such a great trip!

  5. WOW What a great trip!! So much fun. Love the sunglasses!!

  6. Wonderful pictures!

    I have been waiting for you to post about your trip because I saw you at breakfast one was at a café in downtown Disney. My older daughter made a comment about three cute girl sitting at a table and I noticed it was you. Your daughters are beautiful. We surprised our kids and spent last week there as well.

  7. Great pictures! Looks like so much fun:)

  8. Disneyland looks so much more beautiful through your camera! Ha! All my pics are phone camera pics.,i think i need to invest in a nice camera soon! Looks like fun!