Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kaylee's Preschool Winter Concert 2013

Last night was Kaylee's last performance with her preschool class before we move.
She didn't attend school that day cause she wasn't feeling good in the morning.
But after nap time she felt better and really wanted to attend the concert, she'd been practicing lots.
Grandma met us at our house after work and we headed over to the school.
We got there early to make sure we found a good parking spot and got a good seat inside.

It was a little crazy once we got inside with all the parents and kids, trying to find seats, trying to figure out where the kids were suppose to go and people in groups talking.  We found a seat towards the back at the end of the roll, making it easy to exit and so that I could stand up and record her singing without being in anyone's way.

Before we left the house I wanted to get some pictures of her.  She's turned into such a ham with all of her poses that she comes up with.  Some of her poses make me laugh.

All the kids were on stage together and they opened the concert by singing Let It Snow.  
I love how excited she was when she spotted us in the audience

After the kids opened the show together each class would go up to the front and sing two songs.  Kaylee's class was the third class to sing and they sang - Up On The House Top & Faliz Navidad. (sorry in advance for the shaky video skills, I had my bigger lens on the camera and I was standing up holding the camera up)



  1. Such beautiful little ones you have! Looking forward to following you!! :) hope you have a great day!

  2. They really grow up so fast! My eldest is in third grade now and I really miss those years when she was still little. You have adorable kids and cute little ones too!