Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Family Photoshoot

The one thing I really really really wanted to do was get family pictures taken.
The last nice family picture of all of us was taken last year at Thanksgiving.
Now with the girls bigger, I wanted an updated family picture.
A friend of mine her cousin takes pictures, so after we got back from Disneyland it was family picture time.  I was a little worried cause it was pretty cold outside.

We met for our pictures at a barn in town.
I love the way these pictures turned out and I cant wait to frame all of them and put them all over our new house.  These were my favorites from the shoot.

This was my favorite of all of us.  Just ordered this on a canvas




  1. So cute! Love the one of Daddy and the girls too :-)

  2. Super cute! You have a beautiful family! Where do you order your canvases from?

  3. Love these photos!! Such a beautiful family.

  4. Great, great pics, but I LOVE the one with daddy and his 3 girls hanging off him!!