Friday, April 25, 2014

Catch the Moment 365: April 18 - 24

After having my surgery it became really hard to keep up with the Catch the Moment and I'm really sad that it's taken me almost a month to get back at it.  But I know that my recovery was a little more important that making sure to get a picture every day.  I am happy to be one month post op and am almost back to feeling like my old self again.

I'm enjoying taking out my big girl camera again to capture some great memories with my girls.  I'll be doing a post soon on my recovery and what we've been up to lately.

April 18 - having a little chalk fun 

April 19 - took the girls out to get some pictures of them for a feature and giveaway on the blog
 April 20 - Happy Easter, this Easter it was just the girls and I.
April 21 - Nothing screams spring like chalk and little bloomers

April 22 - Kaylee went on her first field trip at school.  She got to ride the bus for the first time and she had a great time

 April 23 - Check out my little model.  Kendall is on the Ryder Rhenn website!  I am so proud of my girl, YAY
April 24 - Kaylee had a baseball game in the hot 90 degree Texas heat, but my girl killed it.  She caught 3 balls hit her way and had 2 good hits!


  1. Your girls are adorable! I have a second one on the way this summer :) cant wait.

    new follower

  2. Good job with tball! Raya is so "eh" about soccer that we decided to wait on tball this year and focus on ballet instead lol. I told Lee I don't think I can sit through many more sports games ;-)

  3. I adore that picture of your three girls. Seriously, my favorite!